Other Ten Percent 6/16/14

Jun 16 2014

Man, I was going to do these big posts that tie together like 5 separate things but I kept deleting the drafts because it turns out those topics had nothing to do with each other. Instead lets just talk about one thing because honestly it’s enough.

Seriously, I’m basically having you guys read a book today. Did you guys know Film Critic Hulk basically wrote a screenwriting book? I didn’t before this weekend and its existence was basically the only really valuable thing I learned reading all of AVClub’s 391 articles on Game of Thrones for the finale.

It’s in the form of two blog posts (though he’s also had somebody edit the thing and released it as an eBook on Amazon and iBooks) and it touches on basically everything I’ve ever seen about writing for film or television and quite a few things that I hadn’t read before that were really valuable. Also he explains why indy movies have pissed me off for a decade in what’s basically an aside and I really appreciate that.

I kinda had a distressing class last week that subconsciously freaked me the hell out for a few days. I brought in something I didn’t think was working and hoped people would tell me it was secretly great. This is a terrible plan and I am never doing it again. The basic realization was that five years of writing regularly didn’t make me a hugely better TV writer since I wasn’t writing TV scripts. While I’m sure the experience will translate SOMEHOW at the moment I feel like I’m on a bit of a plateau where all my writing sucks and I can only see being better in the far far distance.

Anyway, reading all 30,000 words of that thing really helped me out. Not only did it help address the more philosophical concerns about how getting better just kinda sucks and takes a while there were several specific exercises to be doing that help me feel a sense of forward momentum while I keep walking through this flat plain of not being able to write scene direction to save my life.

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