Other Ten Percent 7/27/10

Jul 27 2010

As I write this there is a baby at the library (which is a great children’s book title by the way) and that baby’s father is ignoring the baby crying while wearing a shirt whose theme can really only be described as “skulls and marihuana.”  What I’m trying to get across here is: real winner. Anyway enough judging the people around me, let’s get on to judging the internet.

*Video* *Fairy Tales*
Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty
Torturing small children is always a recipe for comedy gold in my book.

*Alternate History* *War*
A 1935 Map of the Never Was Invasion of America
I feel a pang of jealousy every time there’s an Alt-History post at io9 that I didn’t write. Especially when they’re this much better than mine.

*Animals* *Beauty*
Opossum Pedicure Tutorial
Finally my only objection to the Opossum has been addressed. Well, except that they’re a marsupial outside of Australia and I still think that’s BULLSHIT.

*Babies* *Dreams*
The Cutest Thing on the Internet
You see dude in the pot and skulls shirt? THIS is how you irresponsibly use a baby.

*Television* *Conventions*
PaceyCon 2010
This is the best non Scott Pilgrim related thing I’ve heard out of San Diego.

*Love* *Japan*
What the Japanese Fantasize About When they Fantasize About Summer Flings
I like the built in guilt-free death at the end to tidy things up. Nobody ever thinks ahead in their summer fling fantasies anymore and if you aren’t careful you end up in this terrible drawn out fantasy divorce and then you remarry the fantasy fling and the fantasy spark just isn’t there anymore.

*Architecture* *Film*
Inception: Dream Architecture & Interiors
Man, I know it makes me impatient but I can’t believe it took the internet this long to create this post and I’m STILL waiting for a good blog round up about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s outfits in this film because GOOD GOD.

*Science Fiction* *History*
I Told You So!
Arthur C. Clarke is smarter than you.

*Books* *History*
Medieval Multitasking
Meet the new books, same as the old books.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton has redrawn her apt summation of the life of George Orwell.

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