Other Ten Percent 7/26/10

Jul 26 2010

This week’s easy prediction I make about the future: How good was the Mad Men premiere you guys? So good right? Did you all play the drinking game? I’ve also got something for you if you didn’t think you could watch the show.

*Television* *Time Saving*
Recap of the Day
Everything you really NEED to know about Mad Men’s first three seasons in under five minutes. In case you’re lazy and don’t want to actually watch the show to get caught up.

*Travel* *Math*
Smarter Algorithms Ticket to a Faster Train
Hooray for system optimization algorithms having to do with transportation! In the age of the internet it is good to have hyper-specific interests.

*Travel* *Interior Design*
Show Off Your Travels: My Scratch Map
We’re finally combining the joys of cheap lottery tickets and a jet setting lifestyle.

*Science Fiction* *Political Action*
The SDCC “God Hates Fags” Counterprotest Had the Best, Nerdiest Signs Ever
I think the best ones are kinda hidden in the background here. Also, just for Rachel I will say, EVEN GHOST AND HORSE.

*Music* *Tragedy*
Listicle Without Commentary: The 13 Most Awkwardly Altered Lyrics On “Kidz Bop 18”
Another in OTP’s continuing “this is why they hate us” series.

*Food* *Drink*
Jelloware: Edible, Biodegradable, Compostable Drinking Cup Concept
I for one look forward to this delicious eco-friendly future.

*Animals* *Music*
Look at this Fucking Dog Video of the Day
Year’s Best Dog and Best Album have been discovered simultaneously.

*Sex* *Military Intelligence*
Faux Femme Fatale Finds Flaws in Social Networking Security
Knowing that basically every girl I know could flirt her way to the downfall of the military-industrial complex makes me feel: _________

*Music* *Video Games*
Chipophone is the Chiptune Organ that You’ve Always Wanted
It’s the sheer number of modes on this thing that makes in impressive.

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics presents a perfect simulator of basically every conversation with me ever.

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