Other Ten Percent 4/24/14

Apr 24 2014

I sure wish I had a good movie thing to talk about because that would have made for a really cool M/W/F TV T/Th Movies schedule but unfortunately all the movies and stuff I watched on Netflix this week has been…not that interesting. So let’s talk about Archer!
Archer just finished an entire season where it just totally abandoned it’s “oh my God you guys who screwed up would James Bond be if somebody ACTUALLY had to be a drunken womanizing asshole spy?” premise and instead had its entire cast try to sell cocaine after their private black ops company got shut down by the US government in the season premiere.
About halfway into the season it then kinda got bored with that premise after, I imagine, they figured out constant failure was sort of the only option plot wise since having the characters SUCCEED at becoming drug kingpins fundamentally alters the show on a lot of levels. So then the show sorta swapped over the arms dealing for a while but that ALSO didn’t work out super well and the final stretch of the season saw everybody running down to Central America and briefly taking control of the dictatorship run on narcotics before that ALSO ALSO fell apart and the show sort of reassembled its original vaguely cold-war spy setting.
So plot wise this whole season was kind of a disaster AND YET, it’s maybe my favorite season of Archer in terms of the actual storytelling because with the plot sort of self-consciously fumbling around in random directions the focus became the various characters on the show and that made the whole season sort of…sweet actually? I mean sweet is a relative term on a show where one character exists exclusively to be accidentally shot by the main character and another lead’s plotline for the entire season is “gets addicted to cocaine.” Still, pushing the characters out of their comfort zone and making them all keep interacting with each other sort of revealed that they all keep hanging out because they actually…sorta like each other? Which turned what was once in the running for the most dysfunctional workplace sitcom on TV into the most dysfunctional family sitcom on TV. It was a messy transition and it’s probably not an experiment I’d suggest anybody trying again but in the end the results were actually a net gain.
And you can see it all for yourself over on FX’s website where they’ve got the whole season streaming. Or you can just be lazy and wait for it to come to Netflix as it inevitably does sometime just before the next season starts airing.

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