Other Ten Percent 4/22/13

Apr 22 2014

So I’m going to shut up relatively quickly today because the link I’m giving you guys DOES NOT. Which makes it sound like it’s going to be a slog but it isn’t because it’s split up into 17 fairly short sections as it discusses the genius of The Avengers at a length I was not comfortable doing. Obviously I’m not trying to argue that movie was Citizen Kane or anything but, as I tried to explain when it came out, there’s something so structurally satisfying about watching a film with that many moving parts that’s such a model of narrative efficiency. There’s nothing wasted in that movie, even the smallest background jokes pay off later in immensely satisfying ways. I found in rewatching it while reading these that a line I thought was just a throwaway explanation to help with the suspension of disbelief was actually foreshadowing the new Captain America movie. Thematically the movie isn’t really revolutionizing anything but structurally it’s practically the new Die Hard in its ability to use every part of the storytelling buffalo.

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