Other Ten Percent 7/23/10

Jul 23 2010

I just saw the simulcast version of the National Theater production of London Assurance you guys, it was good. Also today I…shut up.

*Science Fiction* *Children*
I Never Should Have Built a Robot for the Science Fair
I had this problem all the time as a kid.

*History* *Alcohol*
The Bubbly of Louis XVI
I want to be the guy who’s job is to find history’s oldest booze.

*History* *Advertising*
How Burma Shave Sent Frenchie to Mars
Companies used to have a lot more of a sense of fun.

*How-To* *Travel*
Walk Through Crowds
I have not actually tried this but I love how-tos that make you feel like you have some secret superpower.

*Science Fiction* *Video*
Dieselpunk Short Reighn of Death is Noir with Flying Cars
FUNFACT: Dieselpunk is the new steampunk. For the forward thinking in the audience, atompunk (1960’s retrofuturism) will be the new dieselpunk in a year or two.

*Contests* *Lying*
A Spelling Bee for Cheaters
Hey, a spelling bee I could win (if I had money).

*History* *Literature*
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Interview
Like most of history’s great authors, he was kinda weird.

*History* *Lies*
List of Misconceptions
Random wikipedia lists are the best.

*History* *New York*
Raiders of the Lost City
Did you like the post about the boat they found at the World Trade Center site but wish there was more weird New York archeological history to read about? Here are the favorite finds of 12 archeologists.

*Film* *Science Fiction*
Tron Legacy Theatrical Trailer
Listen, I know nothing good has ever had Olivia Wilde in it but this looks fun at least and every chance to hear more of the Daft Punk soundtrack makes me happy.

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