Other Ten Percent 4/17/14

Apr 17 2014

Woah hey I just hilariously remembered I didn’t have one of these queued up for the day. I even had a whole conversation with Suzan earlier about how she’s liking the new kinda more casual direction OTP is taking and instead of using that as a reminder that I should probably, you know, write Other Ten Percent I was like “cool. I can just be super casual about this” and then I forgot to do it. I’m great.
I did find, totally by accident a post I wanted to talk about though because for some strange reason somebody on Twitter posted a BLDGblog post from 2007 that’s basically the best case I’ve ever seen made for Los Angeles. I’ve been casually making this case to people individually for the past like, year, though not quite in these terms and what I love about it is how much it turns what most people consider LA’s traditional area of weakness into a strength.
LA doesn’t really give a shit who you are and in a lot of ways that’s depressing but as this article points out it’s also freeing because it means nobody really stops you from doing…basically whatever you want. And that’s especially fun since LA actually cares very deeply about WHAT YOU DO in a way that New York never really manages. In fact, on some very deep level New York CANNOT STOP giving a fuck about who you are. Are you rich? Powerful? Famous for doing something twenty years ago? Feel free to come to New York where you will never lack for people telling you how great you are for things you’ve already done.
Or come to LA where you can basically create the greatest movie of all time and be forgotten three years later if the sequel doesn’t work out. Each of those options is a very special hell for a specific type of person but all told I think I kinda prefer the one where all that matters is the most recent thing I wrote. It’s going to work out way better when I stop writing things that suck.

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