Other Ten Percent 7/22/10

Jul 22 2010

I have a new idea for a project that involves watching a lot of movies and doing some writing so I’m going to go ahead and knock this OTP out of the way pretty quickly. Weirdly I had all the links by like 9 in the morning but then did a bunch of stuff so I’m only writing it at like 6pm. TIME IS WEIRD.

*History* *Gaming*
A Roman Glass Gaming Die
I’ve decided that the D&D joke with this is that they’d think of being a knight as a sci-fi setting.

*Science Fiction* *History*
The history and commentary that has built up around Frankenstein is way way better than Frankenstein anyway so I’m glad there’s a blog that collects it all.

*Theme Parks* *Urban Decay*
A Dilapidated Recreation of China Right Outside of Disney World
This is super weird even for io9.

*Science Fiction* *Alternate-History*
Neo-Nazis, Syphilis and World War III
It may surprise you to learn that, in addition to being kind of a crazy person, Phillip K. Dick was, later in life, an actual honest to God crazy person.

*Exploration* *Finance*
ATMs in Antarctica
My first thought when I saw it was Wells Fargo that operates these was “boy, I wonder how dickish their fees are on THOSE machines.” “This ATM Machine will charge a $300.00 transaction fee. Do you accept this fee? YES/DIE IN A FROZEN TUNDRA.”

*Japan* *Culture*
The Art of Apologizing

*Science* *History*
RIP, Robert Galambos, Bat-Neuroscientist
Does Batman have his own Bat-Neuroscientist do you think?

*Interior Design* *The Sun*
The Impact of Light
I miss having a lot of natural light in my room you guys.

*Video Games* *Images*
Desktop Wallpaper(s) of the Day
My Pokemans, let me use them as a desktop background.

Webcomics Roundup
Yo, Nedroid Raps.

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