Other Ten Percent 7/21/10

Jul 21 2010

Are you guys ready to party? What? Oh, no reason. I was just curious.

*Games* *Violence*
Baby Seal Pinata
This is what kind of a dad I would be in case any of you want to devote your lives to making sure I never have children.

*History* *Monuments*
Planning Mount Rushmore
Planning Mount Rushmore: moderately more difficult than planing the film Rushmore.

*Music* *Comedy Gold*
Radiohead Hits Covered on Ukelele: Amanda Palmer
Listen, I’m sure a lot of people are going to give Amanda Palmer shit for this but it is brilliant and I’m ashamed of all of you for even questioning it.

*Interior Design* *Artifice*
A Cardboard Apartment by Don Lucho
Have I used up the amount of times I’m allowed to reference Gondry yet? Because I feel like I have to be coming up on it.

*History* *Secret Societies*
The Birth of the Illuminati
And now you know. And now that you know I’m going to have to kill you.

*Japan* *Watermelons*
Life Altering Watermelon Stroller of the Day
Can somebody explain what the Japanese thing with watermelons is all about? Because I’m beginning to think it ISN’T just an elaborate prank where they’re just screwing with us.

*Design* *Adventure*
Accessories for the Gentleman Adventurer
Gentleman Adventurer is yet another title I aspire to. I think eventually when I actually like being in nature it will be easier.

*Science Fiction* *Toys*
Sonic Screwdrivers, Star Trek Posters, Firefly Statues – A Mountain of Awesome New Collectables
There, now you went to Comic-con.

*Chemistry* *Electronics*
Salt and Vinegar Circuit Etching

Webcomics Roundup
Buttersafe shows what a bad birthday party is like.

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