Other Ten Percent 3/10/14

Mar 10 2014

Hey everybody! We’re down in LA already and enjoying our comically huge new apartment that’s even more comically huge since our stuff hasn’t arrived yet and we’re sleeping on an air mattress but I do have internet access so OTP can finally resume.
The bad news is that I DON’T have my video editing computer however since the screen got damaged in the move and I’ve had to take it in for repairs. You don’t really have to worry too much since it turns out the damage was mostly just cosmetic and it should be back in my hands for the cost of a little over a hundred dollars and a little over a week of my time but it does mean OTP is going to be in text that talks about video mode for a bit rather than full video entires. Today lets talk about True Detective parodies because there have been a lot of them since I got into full on moving mode and they’re all pretty fantastic.
You’ve all seen The Yellow King Theory right? An amazing exercise in slow-burn commitment to the bit that I only wish I could match. If it were me I think I would have broken somewhere around the two minute mark. “No,” I would say “we can’t just keep doing variations on this bit with a straight face. It’s going to stop being funny at some point.” I would have been wrong though. It NEVER stops being funny.
Then there’s The Soup’s parody starring Jim Rash and Joel Mchale. I can’t say I’ve had had this particular problem watching True Detective but that may be a growing up in Georgia thing. Regardless the fact that he can slap this together while also hosting a nightly roundup show AND starring in a network sitcom really cements that the dude is one of the hardest working men in show business.
I feel like there’s one more I’m missing so I apologize but this whole thing is actually on my mind due to a missed opportunity to do a video of my own. I’ve been so busy moving I had a great idea for my own True Detective viral video stolen out from under me by this great little number.
I was going to do this whole high concept thing (because, hi, have you met me?) where a Spike TV executive got hired by HBO accidentally and wasted millions in reshoots and redone SFX shots before being fired three weeks later which was just an excuse to do horribly tonally dissonant jokes around HBO programs. Really though the core of it was just a True Detective joke where you show Rust doing one of his philosophical meditations on the utter existential despair of human existence and then *FREEZE FRAME* *Explosion sound effect* *TRUE DETECTIVE in a horribly gaudy font with a huge drop shadow smashes onto the screen.* Honestly the only joke I really loved other than that was the Spike TV exec having absolutely no notes for True Blood though so it’s probably fine I didn’t go through with the whole thing.

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