Other Ten Percent 7/20/10

Jul 20 2010

All those guesses I made yesterday? They were all correct. Inception was awesome and my io9 post got put up on Sunday. Mysteries SOLVED. Now forward, to the internet!

*Architecture* *China*
China’s Instant Cities
More dystopian science fiction in the news.

*Lovecraft* *Music*
Neil Gaiman’s Cthulukhelele
I’m just going to keep posting Cthulu things until somebody compliments me on the hilarious Cthulu joke I made yesterday.

*Videos* *Eating*
A Baby Eating Watermelon from Inside a Watermelon
Instead of getting a babysitter just consider putting your infant in a watermelon, it will care for all of the baby’s needs and you can have a fun night on the town.

*Urban Exploration* *Secrets*
Secret Society of Urban Explorers in Paris
I love every noun in that title. Though strangely “Paris” is the one I love least.

*Comedy* *Religion*
Listicle Without Commentary: Calvinist Theological Concepts in Order of How Much They Sound Like Horrifying Sex Acts
I think the title may be longer than the article.

*Film* *Graphic Design*
Moon Opening Title Sequence
Damn Moon was a good movie.

*Interior Design* *Graphic Design*
A Great Way to Show Your Love of Books (or Postcards)
I just think this looks pretty…that’s all there is to say on the matter.

*Photography* *Fashion*
Jazz Age Dance Party P.1, Governor’s Island, New York
At first I thought maybe these were restored Jazz Age photos but then I saw an asian dude and that settled the issue pretty definitively.

*Government* *Nuclear War*
Congress’s Groovy, Formerly Secret Fallout Shelter
Man I would not have guessed that we’d have gone for such flashy wallpaper in our bunkers.

Webcomics Roundup
So I’m just going to leave this link here in case any of you guys care about the GREATEST CROSSOVER EVER.

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