Other Ten Percent 2/21/14

Feb 21 2014

So I picked pretty much the worst week to decide that it would be a really great idea to use this video content to DISCUSS video content and especially television because A)Oh hey I am moving out of this apartment in a week and it turns out there’s a lot of work involved in doing that and B) Oh right there isn’t any actual television airing right now because of the olympics. So let’s round-up what few things there are to talk about and discuss them in much shorter bursts instead of having me write 1200 words on each of them.
1) There’s a second season of House of Cards. The most prestigious drama in the history of the world according to it’s own creators and the second best drama on Netflix according to everybody else (third if they’ve watched Lilyhammer) is back for another season of Kevin Spacey looking into the camera and telling you his plans in between long bouts of chewing all the scenery in the D.C. area. This makes it sound like I hate House of Cards which I really don’t. If I hated it there would probably be a lot more to discuss as it is I kinda put catching up on about 10 different shows as a higher priority than finishing the new House of Cards.
2) True Detective. Jane finally got me to start watching this by telling me it’s the closest anybody has come to recreating the feeling of Twin Peaks on television and while it doesn’t share that show’s laugh out loud weirdness or it’s obsession with food the comparison is so apt I’m shocked I haven’t seen anybody else making it before. True Detective is the first show to really master a sense of dread rather than horror since the Red Room stuff in Twin Peaks. Nothing on the show is all that directly scary (in fact I think it only ranks third in creepiest use of a serial killer that puts antlers onto their victims so far this decade) but it does summon up that same sense that no matter what temporary victories we might find within the justice system we’ll never actually be safe from the deeper threat we can’t even really comprehend. In fact I’m kind preferring the mythology they seem to be building for True Detective over the BOB stuff. It’s even pulling out some high-quality eldritch horror deep cuts like Carcosa and The King in Yellow in case the giant storms constantly looming in the background in a landscape where civilization seems to be forever in the background just out of reach weren’t tipping you off already. I’ve been told to stop watching after the end of the second episode so I can catch up on the rest with Jane with this weekend but if Twitter is to believed it goes from pretty great to AMASODSHR<ASDN OH MY GOD THE NEW BREAKING BAD within the next episode or two.
3) Broad City. Comedy Central seems to have decided even the olympics can’t slow them down so both Kroll Show and this have been keeping on for the past two weeks and they’re practically the only new TV I’ve watched. Since it hasn’t gotten enough press for me to be sure you’ve heard of it Broad City is an Amy Poehler produced TV spin-off from a web-series of the same name about two girls in their twenties in New York who are kind of a mess. To get the apparently legally obligated comparison out of the way: It is not as good as Girls (mostly because it’s not nearly as ambitious) but I’m enjoying it and every laugh isn’t offset by some horribly awkward and terrifying familiar set-piece that makes me regret the existence of 22 year olds. I actually was never wild about the original web series when I caught it but expanding the running time to 22 minutes seems to have given the two co-creator/leads some extra room the flesh out the plots with a lot of well observed detail which is where the show really shines.

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