Other Ten Percent 1/29/2014

Jan 29 2014

Hey there! Been a while since you’ve seen me writing this many words but I’ve realized this week that swapping to a video format for OTP means I don’t actually have a regular exercise that forces me to write a lot of words so I’m actually more out of practice writing than I’ve been in almost half a decade which is super weird. I actually like doing the videos though (which will probably come as a surprise given how little I’ve been doing them) they feel more connected to what I’d like to be doing in a way OTP hasn’t in a while and so I’m going to try a solution where I actually end up doing more work but I think it’ll end up having way better results. I’m going to start scripting these out beforehand and reading that script in the video and then linking to the video. It’ll always be the first link in any given OTP. This should also give me a chance to link to some of the stuff youtube won’t let me grab by linking in the OTP text instead. I imagine this’ll probably result in even less people watching the videos but honestly I wasn’t exactly burning up the youtube charts already.

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Anyway let’s talk about conspiracy theories based off of a new video from the guy who did Everything is a Remix several years ago. His new video talks about conspiracy theories in order to NOT talk about conspiracy theories actually, instead he’s talking about how conspiracy theories originate from our dim awareness of becoming trapped by large unfeeling systems of our own creation and that’s a pretty OTP topic. If you want more than the 8 minute video he’s come out with so far you’ll need to pony up 12 bucks which seems pretty reasonable for what will become a full length documentary.

If you aren’t looking to put up 12 bucks of your own money there’s still some interesting supplementary material to explore. This is Not a Conspiracy Theory uses a lot of footage from 70s movies which were kind of the golden age of conspiracy movies as shown by this list over on io9 that’s got 10 full conspiracy theory options.

I’ve done the liberty of doing a bit of research and The Conversation is available on Netflix, The Parralax View and Three Days of the Condor are available free with Amazon Prime and nobody should use Hulu.

The other quick thing to mention is the world of incredibly low stakes conspiracy theories. My favorite of which are celebrity conspiracy theories. Now I’m not talking like, Brad Pitt is secretly a lizard man type stuff here or that Jay-Z is in the illuminati because who cares? At this point if Jay-Z isn’t in the illuminati then the jokes on them. I’m talking my new favorite conspiracy theory ever which is that 17 year old teen popstar Lorde is actually like 37 so we can all feel way better about not winning a grammy by the time we were 17.

I had this whole other thing I was going to do based on this io9 entry about the mad gasser of Mattoon and mass hysteria but it was starting to feel pretty disconnected from the conspiracy theory angle of today’s post so I think I’m going to hold off and use it as my experimental entry for Friday instead.

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