Other Ten Percent 7/19/10

Jul 19 2010

I have not yet seen Inception as of writing this but I will have by the time this gets posted so I’m just going to pretend like I saw it already. Boy it was good. HOO-BOY. Anyway I also wrote a big long post for io9 that maybe has already been posted and that maybe they will actually pay me for? LIFE IS FULL OF MYSTERIES. Hey I’ve got an idea, let’s explore a few of them together RIGHT NOW.

*San Francisco* *Science*
Noisebridge Attempts to Teach Science To Juggalos at Insane Clown Posse Show In San Francisco
Okay so the ICP jokes may be on their last legs but I’m posting this one because it’s a project of our local Hackerspace here in SF and I kinda didn’t think they had it in ’em to do something this funny.

*Videos* *Staring*
Danimal vs. Animal
I often post things that are just an improbable collection of things that I like but I think this is the first time I’ve intentionally posted an improbable collection of things somebody else here would like. CONGRATULATIONS CAITLIN you win a video where Ira Glass grabs the bassist from Ok Go and drags him to a staring contest between their drummer Danimal and…actually I’m not going to ruin that reveal. Also, Zach Galifianakis is there but that’s really more for me.

*Nature* *Photography*
Bioluminescence Gallery
Bioluminescence is awesome. I’m almost as jealous of bioluminescent animals as I am of ones with prehensile tails.

*Television* *Pastries*
Brain Slug Cupcakes at Final Futurama Script Reading
Yet another reason I’d love to write for Futurama.

*Contests* *Science*
Live in a Myseum for a Month? Awesome!
Oh man, CHICAGO? Why can’t they do this in a cool city?

*Architecture* *Nature*
Slatted Wood Architecture
I will post any treehouse that is put in front of me but this one is totally worth it.

*Urban Decay* *Mysteries*
Michigan Deep Woods Triangle
Okay so it’s not really much of a mystery. However, it did let me know that there is apparently a website called Abandoned and Little Known Airfields, and that is awesome.

*Grafitti* *DIY Tech*
Faceadeprinter Temporarily Tattoos Architecture
It says a lot about me that my only issue with graffiti seems to be that it isn’t nerdy enough usually.

*Lovecraft* *Toys*
Cthulu Bobblehead
That is not dead which can eternal bobble
And with strange aeons even death may wobble

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton proves that the French Revolution was hilarious but would have been more hilarious if babies had been more prominent.

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