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Dec 18 2013

Welp, hit the mid-afternoon writing wall so it’s time to take a brief break to write up OTP. How are YOU doing people I talk to through a newsletter. Get back to me on that by e-mailing back to this address which several people have insisted doesn’t work but has worked once or twice so maybe it’s like a magical realist e-mail address that only sends if your intentions are pure or something?
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Dead Media Beat: North Korean digital history annihilation
Photoshopping out decades of horrible reality is…almost impressive until you consider the moral implications for half a second. And until you realize it’s a pretty shitty photoshop job that operates mostly using the implicit threat of force for questioning it which…makes it less impressive even without the horrible morality of it.
via Wired: Beyond the Beyond http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond
December 17, 2013 at 05:33AM
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Design Fiction: Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit
Nope. I still don’t get design fiction because this actually seems like the only design fiction I’ve found interesting in years. Not sure why violent misandrist design fiction futures are so much more morally objectionable than “military drones are RIGHT BEHIND YOU” Volumes 1-8,000,000 which the design fiction community seems super committed to.
via Wired: Beyond the Beyond http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond
December 17, 2013 at 04:40AM
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Design Fiction: Rube Works, the Rube Goldberg app
Wait okay so maybe this design fiction thing is okay?
via Wired: Beyond the Beyond http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond
December 17, 2013 at 03:48AM
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NEW BOBBINS for December 17th 2013
Bad Machinery continues to be the most consistently enjoyable webcomic on my RSS reader and I’m always kinda sad it doesn’t seem to be doing as well for John Allison as his last webcomic.
via Bad Machinery http://scarygoround.com
December 17, 2013 at 01:29AM
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The Best Unfilmed Scripts of 2013, According to the Black List
This is kinda fun to read from the point of view of figuring out from two sentence descriptions WHY they haven’t been produced. For the vast majority it’s that the third sentence to the description would have to be “okay, I know that sounds stupid and trite but IF YOU’LL JUST READ THE SCRIPT.” For others the problem is that it takes a whole paragraph to explain the plot. Some of them have more interesting problems though. I love that the clear problem with the two scripts fictionalizing the problems with the shark robot on Jaws is that there’s two scripts about the same thing and nobody can figure out which one to produce. I’ve got no idea why nobody’s making the movie about a world where we’ve definitively proven with science that there’s an afterlife though. Too sacrilegious for the religious crowd and too mystical for the atheists?
via io9 http://io9.com
December 16, 2013 at 06:30PM
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Crows could be the key to understanding alien intelligence
Oh man Crows were responsible for everybody thinking they got kidnapped by aliens. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.
via io9 http://io9.com
December 16, 2013 at 05:03PM
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aBeanie Lets You Control Your Music Via Gestures
So this is…I’m not wild about this in particular but I have no idea why gestural music control hasn’t advanced past the volume control on my iPhone because it kinda sucks and it seems like a relatively easy problem to solve if somebody would think it through for a little bit.
via Featured Blog Posts – Fashioning Technology http://www.fashioningtech.com/profiles/blog/feed?promoted=1&xn_auth=no
December 16, 2013 at 02:02PM
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Gift guides for millionaires
So I’ve been looking at a LOT of Gift Guides this week and I love this one because honestly you’re not going to buy something from 90% of gift guides anyway but ALSO because I think it’s adorable that they think $40,000 gifts are for millionaire gift guides only. I’m not saying anybody’s got that kind of money lying around but I AM saying that everybody seems to feel free to toss off mid 5 figure items into gift lists anyway. I’ve seen $40,000 items on gift lists this week from Wired, BoingBoing, Vanity Fair, RealSimple and…I wish I had a fifth one. Oh wait: the Kottke gift I linked to in an earlier OTP.
via kottke.org http://kottke.org/
December 16, 2013 at 02:06PM
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The Wreath of Khan, A ‘Star Trek’ Christmas Wreath Made from the Many Faces of Khan
God bless us, every KHAN!
via Laughing Squid http://laughingsquid.com
December 16, 2013 at 01:38PM
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Guys, Claire Evans wrote a thing on the year in Sci-fi that I’m not sure I 100% agree with (not totally sure destroying the technium is a realistic vision of the future and not the kind of wishful thinking about the future that got us stuck in it in the first place) but I still find fascinating.

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