Other Ten Percent 3/31/10

Mar 31 2010

What is wrong with me that I am a more productive person during spring break than I am during weeks when I actually have classes and stuff? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Also I have finished my biography of Edgar Allen Poe and I am prepared to do comics writing for script frenzy. Let April begin…so that I can immediately be side-tracked by a convention and a birthday party this weekend.

*Writers* *History*
Poe and Babbage
I’d like to take this time to thank Bruce Sterling for totally one-uping me on awesome Babbage facts. Also this was not in my biography that I finished today. WHY NOT BIOGRAPHER? Oh wait this was in his piece about the chess playing automoton fakes? Okay so this was in the Biography but not nearly enough attention was paid to how awesome it was.

*Fashion* *Violence*
Gentleman’s Bulletproof Pocket Square
I have little or no faith that this would actually stop a bullet but the mere chance that I could escape death via pocket square makes me want to buy twelve.

*Science* *Booze*
Science of Cocktail Shaker Vacuum
I will take any opportunity to use the booze and science tags together and Maggie Koerth-Baker ruthlessly exploits this fact.

*Archeology* *Religion*
Ancient doorway to Afterlife Discovered in Egypt
Best title to most disappointing article. This thing doesn’t open a door to the afterlife at all. It doesn’t even kill people.

*Movies* *Trains*
The Good, The Bad, The Weird
I am so happy that this movie exists.

*Religion* *Television*
I’m Not the Messiah, Says Food Activist – But His Many Worshippers do not Believe Him
With all the crazy prophecies out there you gotta figure we’ll trigger a few of them on total accident. But man did this guy totally lose the crazy raffle on this one.

*Architecture* *History*
Events in the Landscape and Their Acoustic Shadows
I’m fairly convinced at this point BLDGBlog could just start posting John Hodgman-esque lies and I would never notice. I mean, reports of Civil War battles that can only be heard at a distance due to odd geographical and meteorological qualities? CRAZY!

*Robots* * Expletives*
Four Letter Words Robot Plays Word Association, Swears Quite a Bit
I’m glad to see that after helping robots to find religion yesterday we’re also teaching them proper immorality as well.

*Space* *Video Games*
Heat Maps Reveal Pac-Man in the Moon
The one moon conspiracy we never saw coming.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid practices law, emphasis on the “practices.”

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