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Other Ten Percent 4/30/14

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And now, flash fiction based on the stock images and titles Spotify is using for its new “mood” playlists:


I know you think this is the end for me but it’s just the beginning. I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on with my life. I know it won’t be long before I’m sharing drinks with my friends and telling them how much happier I am now on my own. I just really wish you had left the car.
I mean fuck dude, it’s not really that hard to figure out that a guy I met outside a college dorm who sells pot “recreationally” isn’t my soul mate. This was only a temporary thing AT BEST and there’s going to be a lot of better options for me now that I’m back on the market. Or at least I will be back on the market as soon as somebody gives me a lift back to town because Jesus Christ who leaves a girl in the middle of nowhere without a ride?
Wait, is that a car? Holy shit I think I see a…wait no it’s just a mirage isn’t it. I can’t believe I had to figure out how mirages actually work outside of Disney movies because of you and our dumb ass relationship. and I can’t even open up Google Maps and figure out where I am. My cell phone is down to like a quarter battery though and reception is BALLS out here.
Long term I am better off without you but short term I am walking down this country road in the middle of nowhere and that fucking sucks.
FAVORITE TRACK: Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac

Gothic quirkIt

“Gentleman and ladies, I’ve brought both of our crazy murder cults here today for one reason and one reason only: to decide the best music to murder somebody to.”
“Please everyone everyone CALM DOWN. I know we all decided back in 1972 that the best music to murder somebody to was either “Helter Skelter” or “any rockabilly song” but times have changed and music tastes have changed as well. Dubstep, shoegaze, footwork: In the right circumstances these are all perfectly reasonable musical subgenres to kill a person to. It’s time for a new era.”
“Now I know this won’t be an easy issue to come to consensus on. I prefer to murder people to songs with a strong acoustic guitar element. Our friends in the order of the animal scream meanwhile have been arguing for years that there’s a lot of unexplored potential in murdering people to synthesizers. I’ve put a few suggestions into a spotify playlist that’s open for any of you to edit. I suggest we break for lunch, take a little time to put in our favorites and listen to everybody else’s options and then we’ll meet back here around 1. Sound good to everyone?”
FAVORITE TRACK: We Share Our Mother’s Health- The Knife
This was a disaster. The car had stalled out an hour ago and she was still waiting for Triple A. Even if she RAN she’d be 10 minutes late to pick up Billy from soccer practice and even if Derrick rushed home from work to check on the roast it was going to be overcooked. God, this was her worst day since…
Wait, when WAS the last bad day she had had? Her last haircut? …No her hair was perfect. Work had gone fine since her first day 12 years ago. Derrick and her had gotten married right out of college and he had never so much as considered cheating on her. She even loved her Brothers.
That can’t be right. SOMETHING bad must have happened to her. But, no, this was the first bad thing.  Nobody had picked on her in school. Both her parents were still alive. She didn’t recall childbirth as being particularly painful. Even her childhood dog was still alive…26 years later.
She dropped her phone. She knew now what had happened. Billy would find a ride home from soccer. He was a good kid. Derrick didn’t need her to make dinner. She could walk away from all of it. None of it mattered. She was dead. She had always been dead. Now the only question was if this was heaven…or hell.
FAVORITE TRACK: If I Die Young- The Band Perry
“Hey Brad? It’s Brad. I’m over here at Spotify HQ and we need to talk about some of our new ‘mood’ playlists we’re rolling out in the next few weeks.”
“Yeah I know you’ve got it handled but some of the higher ups are worried there aren’t enough playlists for the ladies in the audience. No no I saw the like friendship ones and the ones about like, finding your man or feeling empowered without him or whatever. I was thinking though: couldn’t we do a whole playlist for women who are just LOSING it because they’re about to have their periods. Like just PMSing super hard?”
“What would that even be? Oh I dunno like I guess Lilith Faire crap and some like Taylor Swift maybe? Listen, I don’t really do music, I’m an idea man.”
“What? Kate Nash? I don’t know who that is. Just think of music women listen to while eating a quart of ice cream on TV. Now let’s talk art. I think a lot of people are going to suggest you go with JUST a woman eating a bunch of junk food or JUST a woman looking grumpy or JUST a woman whose makeup is all messed up so cool dudes like me wouldn’t want her. Those people are all idiots though Brad. I’ve talked to the other VPs about this and we’ve all agreed that you need to find some art where a woman is doing all of those things at once. Oh you’ve got it? Can you send it over really quick and I’ll take a look?”
“Oh, yeah that’s perfect.”
FAVORITE TRACK: Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
“Young Wild and Free!” Melissa yelled. Casey yelled it too.
Coachella was Casey’s favorite time of year because she got to spend it with Melissa. Melissa was her very best friend and It seemed like every time they came out here their BFFship only depend. Every time they did drugs or hooked up with guys or talked their way into the VIP tent they grew closer. But sometimes Casey worried their time together was coming to an end. They were getting old, 24, and Melissa had been dating the same guy for 5 months now. What would happen when they STOPPED going to music festivals together?
“Then we’ll remember all our great times together. It’s fine. We can’t be young wild and free forever” Melissa had said when Casey asked her.
Casey wondered why not and that’s when she understood what she had to do.
When she knocked her out and dragged her body into the desert outside of Coachella later that night she knew their friendship would truly last forever. She was Melissa now and it was impossible to get closer than that.
FAVORITE TRACK: Diamonds- Rihanna

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Other Ten Percent 4/29/14

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Hello there friends, I had maybe the most bizarre anxiety dream ever last night where I somehow got hired as a writer on The Simpsons and my first episode had such dismal ratings they just decided to go ahead and cancel the Simpsons and I realized I would go down in history as the dude that wrote the episode that took down a television institution. Pretty sure the dream was inspired by this news story. Of course the Simpsons still has a good number of years left in it considering those ratings mean it beat CBS in that time slot (and of course that’s like one of 6 ridiculously unlikely parts of that dream) but it was still apparently really uncomfortable for my subconscious to realize that someday The Simpsons too shall pass
But enough about yesterday’s entertainment news, let’s talk instead about today’s big entertainment news story: Emma Stone lip-syncing to All I Do is Win. Can all of us make a pact that SOMEBODY around here needs to get famous enough to invite Emma Stone to a party and have her actually show up? I mean I’m still not going to watch the new Spider-Man movie because I didn’t like the first one that much and I have this new policy where when I like a character but DON’T like the movie franchise’s direction I don’t give that franchise money to go watch the new movie and continue to be angry about it. Clearly this clip from the Tonight Show is the best possible entertainment news to discuss that idea.
Wait, what else happened? Seriously, I’m not sure when between Episode III and Lucas selling to Disney I ran out of fucks to give about Star Wars but every time there’s a new announcement I click on it and I’m surprised to find I still just do not care at all. Then like three weeks later there’s some new bit of Star Wars news and it’s like I FORGOT that I never find it interesting and I’m surprised anew by my lack of any reaction. I’m not even angry or think the movie’s going to be bad because “J.J. Abrams is a hack!” or some shit like that I just have nothing to say except my endless capacity for meta-commentary on my own lack of reaction.
Anyway I’m keeping this one fairly short both because my Simpsons Anxiety Dream Journal didn’t turn out to be fodder for as much material as I thought and because I think I’ve got some other writing I should/could be doing right now so I’m going to go and do it.

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Other Ten Percent 4/28/14

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Sorry this is going out so late. One of my projects for the week is writing OTP much earlier in the day but unfortunately nothing jumped out at me for a topic except for one thing that I was going to complain about. Even worse it’s something I was going to complain about without having a particularly good solution to the problem. Unfortunately I never came up with any better option so now I’m going to link to this round up of visual representations of texting in film and television and do that anyway.
To be clear I don’t have any real problem with the article itself which rounds up interesting examples. Instead I take issue with the examples themselves which are all boring and interchangeable. You’re either looking at a screen with a chat window open while the SFX guy dubs in typing sounds slightly too loudly or they’re just showing you what’s on a phone in a weird little hovering screen that seems like the bastard child of Google Glass and Pop-Up Videos.
Neither of these options seem like a particularly exciting way of representing texting and part of me thinks this is just kind of a storytelling dead end, a novelty that uses motion graphics to disguise the basic boringness of watching people type on screen. Sherlock’s uses of the technique have aged particularly badly which I’ve discussed with Nikki a few times. In just a few years they’ve gone from being one of the cooler parts of the first episode to hindrance that draws way too much attention to how gimmicky “Sherlock Holmes in the Modern Day” can feel.
On the other hand typing all the damn time to communicate with other people doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so we’re probably going to have to come up with some way of dealing with the problem of showing the process on screen, I just hope people come up with some more creative options soon. I don’t have some silver bullet here but I’d love to watch a show that has a machine vision view of the character’s texting, or one that represented the way the characters conceived of their texting conversations rather than just showing the messages floating in cyberspace. Hell at this point I think I’d be happy with the floating in cyberspace thing if we could come up with a design for that besides off-brand iOS or Android.

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Other Ten Percent 4/25/14

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The season finale of Parks and Recreation you guys. So good. AV Club seems really intent on making it a thing that this show has declined in quality over the years and I…don’t know if that’s so. I’m a firm believer that 30 Rock had a pretty solid slump until its looming series finale re-energized it but Parks and Recreation has kept on trucking and having its characters slowly transform the way a good sitcom should. The critical need to make a flaw of Parks and Recreation’s ability to create gold within the rigid structure of the sitcom always seemed kinda like Mr. McAllister’s weird need to see Tracy Flick fail in Election out of some combination of jealousy, a dislike of overachieving and some weird sexual thing in one scene? I dunno, Election was kind of an odd movie now that I think about it.
But even that weird psycho-sexual drama I probably just made up cannot withstand the powers of a Parks and Recreation season finale. Including this one which the AV Club gave an A. For, indeed, there’s nothing this show does better than writing all of its characters into satisfying and appropriately heartwarming conclusions.
One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time is make a list, whenever Parks and Recreation does finally wrap up, of the show’s top 10 series finales because the show has been perpetually on the bubble basically since it aired its first episode and that’s resulted in seasons that have at least one, and often two episodes that effectively tie off all the characters, their relationships, and the themes of the show in a generally satisfying way. Then NBC realizes they’ve once again created 6 separate sitcoms for the season and all of them are awful and renew Parks and Recreation again.
In fact this may be the first time the show wrote a season finale knowing they were coming back again next year (please do not look that up I’m too lazy to do research and the season 2-3 and 3-4 transitions also could have had them with a confirmed renewal) which makes it initially confusing that this season finale seems far more determined to leave the show in a place where everything seems safely resolved. In fact though the show makes things so AGGRESSIVELY resolved it actually wraps back around to making you desperate to see more.
In the first forty minutes the show ably brings the season’s major plots to a close including the Unity Concert (Donna’s cousin Ginuwine shows up and dedicates Pony to Lil’ Sebastian!) and Tommy’s Bistro (featuring the triumphant return of Jean-Ralphio and the entire Saperstein clan). It also ably navigates the paradox the show’s set up for itself this season of Leslie choosing between staying in the town that she loves and stagnating or abandoning everything she’s stood for in Pawnee to move to the next phase of her career.
But the finale is forty four minutes and that’s why I feel the need to put a SPOILER WARNING here in big letters. After spending most of the episode doing exactly what you expect a Parks and Rec finale should do the episode includes a coda that DOES NOT AT ALL do what you expect the finale to do.
After convincing her new boss to move her new job with the National Parks Department to Pawnee Leslie puts up a photo of the cast in her new offices on the third floor of city hall. The camera pushes in on the picture because “oh isn’t that sweet and heartwarming” and then it PULLS BACK OUT and bam it is 2017 and Leslie has her job running all of the national parks in the midwest fucking ON LOCK enough to fire Jon Hamm (!!!) playing a guy who’s been such a fuck up for the last three years that he’s even worse than Jerry/Garry/Larry Gergich (who is now named Terry). Ben has a job or at least an evening that requires him to wear a Tux and that leaves Andy and April babysitting Ben and Leslie’s triplets who are almost annoyingly adorable since we’ve skipped the first three years of their lives.
While other show would use all that crazyness to give you a sense that life goes on for these characters you won’t be seeing again Michael Schur has already confirmed in an interview that Parks and Recreation now takes place in the near future of 2017 and that we’ll be seeing all the show’s characters in a new status quo next year. He hasn’t confirmed that Jon Hamm has some gypsy curse put on him that requires him to be on any comedy show if they can find him on the street and say “Jon Hamm we need you to cameo as…” but I think we have enough circumstantial evidence at this point to just take it as fact anyway.
Parks and Rec isn’t the first show that’s done a big time jump like this. In that same interview Michael Schur says the Battlestar Gallactica time jump was an inspiration for this one. It’s probably about time for an OTP countdown of the best uses of time jumps in television shows actually since this one probably rates higher than BSG’s for how low stakes it makes this future. From the little bit we’ve seen everybody seems relatively happy and settled and that means the engagement is with the characters rather than the cliffhanger which is the deal Parks and Recreation has always made even though it seems to make critics nonsensically angry.
TV Critics are dumb about this show is what I am saying. Watch it. (FIRST FIVE SEASONS AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX)

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Other Ten Percent 4/24/14

Apr 24 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

I sure wish I had a good movie thing to talk about because that would have made for a really cool M/W/F TV T/Th Movies schedule but unfortunately all the movies and stuff I watched on Netflix this week has been…not that interesting. So let’s talk about Archer!
Archer just finished an entire season where it just totally abandoned it’s “oh my God you guys who screwed up would James Bond be if somebody ACTUALLY had to be a drunken womanizing asshole spy?” premise and instead had its entire cast try to sell cocaine after their private black ops company got shut down by the US government in the season premiere.
About halfway into the season it then kinda got bored with that premise after, I imagine, they figured out constant failure was sort of the only option plot wise since having the characters SUCCEED at becoming drug kingpins fundamentally alters the show on a lot of levels. So then the show sorta swapped over the arms dealing for a while but that ALSO didn’t work out super well and the final stretch of the season saw everybody running down to Central America and briefly taking control of the dictatorship run on narcotics before that ALSO ALSO fell apart and the show sort of reassembled its original vaguely cold-war spy setting.
So plot wise this whole season was kind of a disaster AND YET, it’s maybe my favorite season of Archer in terms of the actual storytelling because with the plot sort of self-consciously fumbling around in random directions the focus became the various characters on the show and that made the whole season sort of…sweet actually? I mean sweet is a relative term on a show where one character exists exclusively to be accidentally shot by the main character and another lead’s plotline for the entire season is “gets addicted to cocaine.” Still, pushing the characters out of their comfort zone and making them all keep interacting with each other sort of revealed that they all keep hanging out because they actually…sorta like each other? Which turned what was once in the running for the most dysfunctional workplace sitcom on TV into the most dysfunctional family sitcom on TV. It was a messy transition and it’s probably not an experiment I’d suggest anybody trying again but in the end the results were actually a net gain.
And you can see it all for yourself over on FX’s website where they’ve got the whole season streaming. Or you can just be lazy and wait for it to come to Netflix as it inevitably does sometime just before the next season starts airing.

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Other Ten Percent 4/23/14

Apr 23 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

Hey so let me give you a handy sentence you can use to sound cool when talking about TV because everybody’s going to be saying it in a few months. “Tatiana Maslany is giving the most amazing performance on TV.” Here, I’ll even help you out with the hard part: tot-tee-ahna mahs-lah-nee. Why is everybody going to be saying that? Because from what I can see of the press push this is the season a lot of people are actually going to bother to watch Orphan Black instead of just me and Patton Oswalt and on Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany is giving the most amazing performance on TV. She plays the lead, all eight versions (so far) of her in a show about clones that is part sci-fi thriller, part cop show, part serial killer drama, part suburban critique and part feminist action show. She’s all of those parts. Sometimes she’s one of those parts having to cross over and pretend to be a natural fit in one of those other parts. She does an amazing job doing all of those things. Around episode 4 or 5 you genuinely start to forget it’s the same person playing all of these rolls. I found an interview asking her if the lead clone Sarah’s male love interest Paul or the lesbian scientist clone Cosmia’s female love interest Delphine is a better kisser and it genuinely hadn’t occurred to me that she was in a position to answer that question. She’s so good you guys. She’s so good I’ve decided to be a 17 year old again and actually get angry that genre fiction basically never has a chance at the acting Emmy categories.
It’s probably good that Maslany is so fantastic though since it grounds Orphan Black while its plotting often threatens to careen over some sort of metaphorical plotting cliff, killing all involved. I read an interview where the show’s creator says they take plotting inspiration from Breaking Bad and it shows. Both can often feel like events are spiraling out of control in ways the protagonist couldn’t possibly manage just to show how cool it is when the protagonist manages to rein shit in. Of course this works better in the more realistic universe of Breaking Bad where there are clearly established rules for what can and can’t happen. That tone can read more like “Jesus, what the fuck is even happening?” when you’re dealing with biotech conspiracies and clones and some weird religious cult.
That’s not to say the show is bad or that Maslany is the only reason to watch it (Sarah’s gay foster brother Felix easily qualifies as another amazing reason, especially once he starts hanging out with the other clones) it’s just to say that in order to go from a good show to a great show there are a few aspects and a few actors that need to get on her level.
Still though, give her all the Emmys, Jesus Christ.
If you want to get started watching Orphan Black The first season is a relatively short 10 episodes, all available for free on Amazon Prime (though tragically not Netflix as of my last check) and if you hadn’t caught the news that the second season has started the premiere is available for free on BBC America’s Website

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Other Ten Percent 4/22/13

Apr 22 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

So I’m going to shut up relatively quickly today because the link I’m giving you guys DOES NOT. Which makes it sound like it’s going to be a slog but it isn’t because it’s split up into 17 fairly short sections as it discusses the genius of The Avengers at a length I was not comfortable doing. Obviously I’m not trying to argue that movie was Citizen Kane or anything but, as I tried to explain when it came out, there’s something so structurally satisfying about watching a film with that many moving parts that’s such a model of narrative efficiency. There’s nothing wasted in that movie, even the smallest background jokes pay off later in immensely satisfying ways. I found in rewatching it while reading these that a line I thought was just a throwaway explanation to help with the suspension of disbelief was actually foreshadowing the new Captain America movie. Thematically the movie isn’t really revolutionizing anything but structurally it’s practically the new Die Hard in its ability to use every part of the storytelling buffalo.

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Other Ten Percent 4/21/14

Apr 21 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

Let us now praise superficially ridiculous narratives. In fact, let’s spend a whole week doing it since I think I’ve got five of these stored up at this point. And let’s start with Adventure Time since it started it’s sixth season this evening and last week The Awl published a full 10,000 word look at what makes the show so great. !0,000 word treatises by somebody other than me about fictional works I like are going to be a bit of a fixture this week.
Like everything else published by The Awl that story periodically disappears up its own ass in a desperate attempt to show you how smart it is but when it isn’t trying nearly so hard it gets at some really amazing truths around the show. It explores just how deep the themes the show explores have gotten and how wide the scope of the program has become.
I mean this is a show targeted at kids aged six to eleven and tonight’s episode (and oh my GOD the spoilers you guys) featured the protagonist’s arm getting RIPPED OFF in a desperate attempt to hold on to his father in a tragic loss of limb that’s been foreshadowed for literally half the show’s run (every alternative version of Finn we’ve ever seen has been missing his right arm) right after he confronts and defeats a universal avatar of death that explains that you can NEVER ESCAPE THE END OF ALL THINGS.
Six to eleven year olds!
The article also explores the creative environment that even lets a show like this exist and one of the things the article never explicitly states but that finally crystalized for me reading it is just how narratively unique Adventure Time has become over its run. A show that started out simple enough you could reduce it down to a parody of children’s cartoons has now evolved into the most effective blending of serialized storytelling and the anthology show I’ve yet seen on television and most of that is thanks to an expansive universe that trusts its audience to pick up the rules as it goes along. Fully half of the episodes in the show’s 5th season features someone other than the show’s two leads as its protagonist and though the show seems to be bringing Finn and Jake back to the fore at the start of season 6 so that Finn can explore his relationship with a father he never knew he had the overall season seems like it’s going to be sticking to that quasi-anthology-show format.
As the article says, “Going through a great Adventure Time episode is like getting into a video game for the first time and not knowing the rules of the universe, and fumbling through until, at a certain point, you’re playing the game without even [having realized] you’ve started.” Todd VanDerWerff has a quote (and for all I know he stole it but it’s extremely useful so who cares) that great television teaches you how to watch it. That’s hard enough on a show like Mad Men that’s organized itself like a thematically cohesive short story collection and has to teach you to “read it” but for a show like Adventure Time that might be a parody of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure utilizing only B and C list members of Adventure Time’s cast one week and a domestic drama about the relationship problems of a pig and a weird green elephant the next it’s downright amazing.
It’s a talent it shares with the best runs of NBC’s Community but it has a commitment to accepting different voices that a control freak (and I say that mostly with love) like Dan Harmon could never manage. Not only does Pendleton Ward let various storyboard artists go off and tell their own stories in whatever part of his universe thy feel like exploring that week he straight up just finds animators he likes and hands them an episode to do whatever the fuck they want no matter how weird. And it gets weird. Adventure Time manages to situate you on a wholly different point of view to its universe each week and it manages to do it AND tell a complete story with an 11 minute running time. It’s a format I expect to see an HBO show take on in about 5 years and once somebody uses it to explore murder or the drug trade or really unnecessarily explicit rape scenes I’m sure critics everywhere will hail it as the future of television but it’s here, right now, and (due respect to Kiernan Shipka) producing the single best commentary on childhood I’ve ever seen on television.

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Other Ten Percent 4/18/14

Apr 18 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

I feel like in singing the praises of LA yesterday I was maybe unnecessarily harsh on New York by proxy. I mean the BLDGblog post reverses the usual ordering of great american cities to the point where CHICAGO beats it and that just seems unnecessarily cruel.
New York’s the only city I’ve ever had to have a bad breakup with. San Francisco was a largely amicable separation. Sure we still talked shit about each other and still do really but things largely moved forward as best they could. Leaving Georgia wasn’t a breakup so much as the third act of Misery. There’s something about New York though where it never has as much of a psychic hold on you as when you leave. The feeling New York naturally gives you, where you forget there even is a rest of the world to go to sometimes, amps up to 11. The exact details vary from person to person but pretty much everybody I know who’s left has said some variation on the same thing: that in some fundamentally different way from other cities New York DOESN’T WANT YOU TO LET YOU LEAVE.
So, naturally, I’ve been kinda down on the town ever since I realized I was mostly likely never going to call it home again and kinda moved on. It’s hard to feel superior to New York, a town that will pretty much always be anthropomorphized as the quarterback or the head cheerleader depending on your orientation, but you can figure out it was never a good match for you or a lot of people and there’s a sort of zen superiority in that.
Wow, that was a lot of talking shit about New York in my explanation of why I talk shit about New York too much. Point is, even though I think me and New York pretty much have our theme song mapped out already that doesn’t mean I can’t make my peace with the place and I think part of that means seeing it in a fundamentally different way the way you kind of have to with your exes.
So let’s literalize that process because as a Buffy fan I’m contractually obligated to literalize all metaphors. Like let’s look at the city by drone and consider how different New York appears to be at 10, 100 and 1000 feet since these three videos seem to be fascinated with the city at very different heights and the higher you go the more imposing the place seems. At 10 feet it feels constantly alive with motion in a way it doesn’t even at ground level where you’re kinda busy not knocking into anybody. At 100 feet it seems kinda quaint, you sorta realize how small of a town New York really is on a grand cosmic scale but then somehow at 1000 feet the whole place seems gigantic, just row after row of buildings that show no evident sign of life, like a recording of what aliens will find if they show up reasonably soon after we wipe ourselves out. (Man tonight’s entry got DARK. Note: watch Hannibal AFTER I write OTP.)
Then if we want to pull back even further here’s the traffic pattern of every Citi Bike ride for 48 hours. It’s a stripped down view of everything you can know about one very specific part of city life and it makes you kinda feel like God in the same kinda boring way Sim City games do. Suddenly I want to write a whole non-fiction book that’s interviewing people who ride Citi Bike at 3 in the morning. Are they all just 22 year olds that can stay out that late drunk or do some of them have like…jobs? But what I love about that video is that there are bumps in activity but it’s really a kind of relative term. It’s not like there’s a bike “rush hour” so much as a very basic question: is more than a 10th of the population of New York awake? Well then Citi Bike rides are going FUCKING INSANE.

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Other Ten Percent 4/17/14

Apr 17 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

Woah hey I just hilariously remembered I didn’t have one of these queued up for the day. I even had a whole conversation with Suzan earlier about how she’s liking the new kinda more casual direction OTP is taking and instead of using that as a reminder that I should probably, you know, write Other Ten Percent I was like “cool. I can just be super casual about this” and then I forgot to do it. I’m great.
I did find, totally by accident a post I wanted to talk about though because for some strange reason somebody on Twitter posted a BLDGblog post from 2007 that’s basically the best case I’ve ever seen made for Los Angeles. I’ve been casually making this case to people individually for the past like, year, though not quite in these terms and what I love about it is how much it turns what most people consider LA’s traditional area of weakness into a strength.
LA doesn’t really give a shit who you are and in a lot of ways that’s depressing but as this article points out it’s also freeing because it means nobody really stops you from doing…basically whatever you want. And that’s especially fun since LA actually cares very deeply about WHAT YOU DO in a way that New York never really manages. In fact, on some very deep level New York CANNOT STOP giving a fuck about who you are. Are you rich? Powerful? Famous for doing something twenty years ago? Feel free to come to New York where you will never lack for people telling you how great you are for things you’ve already done.
Or come to LA where you can basically create the greatest movie of all time and be forgotten three years later if the sequel doesn’t work out. Each of those options is a very special hell for a specific type of person but all told I think I kinda prefer the one where all that matters is the most recent thing I wrote. It’s going to work out way better when I stop writing things that suck.

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