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Other Ten Percent 2/21/14

Feb 21 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

So I picked pretty much the worst week to decide that it would be a really great idea to use this video content to DISCUSS video content and especially television because A)Oh hey I am moving out of this apartment in a week and it turns out there’s a lot of work involved in doing that and B) Oh right there isn’t any actual television airing right now because of the olympics. So let’s round-up what few things there are to talk about and discuss them in much shorter bursts instead of having me write 1200 words on each of them. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 2/19/14

Feb 19 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

First off: Yay! Nikki fixed the blog so I’ve spent the day reposting all the stuff I’ve done so far this year to the archives and I once again have some proof I’ve been doing this shit for coming up on five years now pretty regularly and so my enthusiasm for OTP has returned somewhat. It’s still muted a bit by the fact that we’re moving in like 2 weeks and our lives are crazy as woah but it’s actually seeming like a thing that’s worth the effort when I have any additional effort to expend.

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Other Ten Percent 2/14/2014

Feb 14 2014 Published by under Daily Posts

I had a whole thing written up so it got kinda rambly and was going to need a lot of manual editing which seemed like a bad way to format this. So instead I decided to just kinda wing it based on the stuff I’d found and the general topic (the TV show Person of Interest and the machine vision VFX it does) I wanted to talk about. This was ALSO maybe a mistake but it’s the video you get now so there.

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