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Other Ten Percent 7/31/12

Jul 31 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Okay so as it turns out fixing everything I want to fix with OTP is hard so today is NOT today where everything changes but whatever I don’t think you guys mind too much now that the newsletter is actually showing up in your inbox again. Let’s get to the linking and the describing of things instead of focusing on all the things I didn’t do this weekend. Jesus, get off of my back. Who are you my mom?…Okay so yes technically one of you is my mom but I’m talking to the rest of you who are not my mom? Hey, links. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/30/12

Jul 30 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Hey everybody you might have noticed that this e-mail looks EXACTLY THE SAME as all the other ones. That’s because for some reason dreamhost just magically started working again and I wrote this up BEFORE I poked around on a new plan for OTP and so, for now at least, everything is back to normal. How long will that be the case? Maybe forever. Maybe it will change entirely tomorrow. I really have no information for you from my vantage point here on Saturday afternoon listening to a neighbor’s stereo blasting (hand to God) Blue by Eiffel 65. I do have quite a few links for you though so perhaps you will have some interest in those. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/16/12

Jul 26 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

So there’s not going to be a Friday experiment this week because my Friday experiment is going to be figuring out what the hell is going on with newsletter delivery and maybe seeing if I can switch the whole thing over to a much better system. That second one is probably ambitious for a weekend project so more likely I’ll be coming back with a blueprint for something to do rather than the thing itself but whatever. That’s still something. I downloaded the new version of OS X on a totally unrelated note and so far I’m a fan. As the 26000 word review over on Ars Technica essentially says it fixes all the small annoyances of Lion while doubling down on the general direction of the OS. This causes its own problems but by and large results in a way better operating system than Lion ever was. Meanwhile, here are some links that DON’T take two hours to read. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/25/12

Jul 25 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

This is really shaping up to not be my week. I woke up this morning to find that OTP didn’t go out and assumed it was because I was an idiot. Turns out it’s because Dreamhost is an idiot and some time between now and whenever you get this OTP you should also get two copies of the 7/24 OTP, one of which has an apology from me about how I screwed up sending the first one. Also I ate something that didn’t agree with me yesterday and my stomach and I have been arguing ever since. I’m trying to write this and send it out with enough time left over to go and at least work out today in the hopes of accomplishing something of some worth. Let’s see how that goes. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/24/12

Jul 24 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I was not a big fan of this morning. This morning and I had several disagreements and the morning won pretty handily and now I am staring down the barrel of 4pm and the list of my day’s accomplishments is roughly:

  1. Working out on a shitty machine I hate.
  2. Lunch

That’s okay though because I’ve got some links for you so that’s all going to change. Or after this I’m going to just sort of give up on this day and watch some Netflix. Nothing in the future is certain save these links from the internet. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/23/12

Jul 23 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I had a busy day of going to see the new Batman which I generally enjoyed but was not bowled over by for various reasons. I have some pacing and theme issues with it but generally I think the whole dark, gritty superhero story that tries to exist in our world just seems weird to me these days. Anyway because of movie and some other chores I’m in a bit of a hurry so let’s look at some links. Continue Reading »

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The Bechdel Test and Games

Jul 20 2012 Published by under Experiments

So I got to thinking about video games and feminism and decided to make this week’s coding project about it. There are a lot of words so I made it so you didn’t have to read all of them if you didn’t want to.

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Other Ten percent 7/19/12

Jul 19 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I’ve been a WRITING MACHINE today and I’ve done a ton of stuff for PCWorld. One thing I haven’t done though is think a whole ton about my coding project for the week. I may just do a smaller scale thing that uses a few tricks for the hell of it or something? I’m not really sure. Also maybe I should start making them bi-weekly so I actually have the time to make them something I really like. The first one that I spent a lot of time on seems to have gone over relatively well and the rest…not so much. Oh hey here are your links. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/18/12

Jul 18 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

So I got plenty of sleep last night but ended up slightly off schedule since I had to run to a demo for an MMO this morning at 10am which kinda threw everything off a bit. Still it’s been an enjoyable day and I got a free stuffed animal out of the deal along with a pretty impressive demo for a cool game and so I’ve got no complaints. I’ll tell you what I do have though, links, and lots of them. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 7/17/12

Jul 17 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I had a disastrous night’s sleep last night along with some last minute work to do this morning that got may day off to a pretty rough start but I think I recovered admirably and managed to work out, stay on my diet and organize a movie outing for this weekend. I also managed to find quite a few links for you guys that I hope you’re going to enjoy so let’s get to looking at all of those shall we? Continue Reading »

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