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Other Ten Percent Social Calendar: The Summer of Ghosts

Jun 29 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

So, for various reasons this week’s web project is still VERY MUCH a work in progress. But, for various reasons, I’m also okay with that.

The OTP Social Calendar for Summer 2012: The Summer of Ghosts

Design-wise there’s a lot to do here but I think it’ll be interesting to have you guys watching as I make this go from looking mediocre at best to actually pretty good. This is just about as good/bad as last week’s project looked before I really started iterating on its appearance. I’d also like to do a little bit more explanation on WHY this is the summer of ghosts and maybe relate each event to that a bit more.

The main reason I’m fine with this being a work in progress however is that I’d like your events to add to the calendar. If you have anything going on this summer that you can really reach to relate to ghosts or that you just think OTP readers would like to know about let me know and I’ll add it. As time wears on I’ll add events for August and September and then (depending on if this turns out to have any practical value to you, the reader) It’ll either roll over into the Fall of Whatever the Fall is About or it’ll cease to exist.

So next week look forward to an improved design for this and some new events along with whatever next Friday’s web project might be.

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Other Ten Percent 6/28/12

Jun 28 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Man so most of my productive week has been spent working on Friday’s OTP and even on that I haven’t been super productive. At least I got some chores done today I guess? I don’t really know what the deal is but I am not getting very much done. I am still finding all of the links though and I suppose that’s something at least. Hey, here’s one of those links now. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 6/27/12

Jun 27 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I had another good but not greatly productive day but I feel like things are going to turn around after tomorrow. I also feel like I have to get this written up quickly because it’s already 11:30. Here we go with a lightning round of some pretty awesome links. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 6/26/12

Jun 26 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I really didn’t do all that much today since I’m still sort of recovering from my trip up to Seattle and so neither my new diet nor my new productive work schedule ended up being… implemented at all. But that’s all going to change now that there’s a guy wandering my block doing a full on Bella Legosi evil laugh for no discernible reason because there’s no way that CAN’T mean more fun things in my future. There are also more fun things in your future like these links and also my big Friday post which I will continue subtly hinting at all week so you are inevitably let down when you actually see it. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 6/25/12

Jun 25 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed to be going back to the regular format after last week’s experiment but it’s just not feasible to do something like that more than twice a week and that’s if I’m really buckling down and working on coding stuff up every day. I’m working on another one of those for this Friday but for now at least I think we’re going to just go back to the good old fashioned version of OTP where I sent you guys some links and you at least pretend to like them. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent Summer Jam Awards

Jun 20 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I’m still working on the redesign of the front page but I already finished the first of the (hopefully) weekly OTP specials so I decided to send it out a little early so you guys could get a jump start to summer.

Without further ado I present the OTP Summer Jam Awards 2012.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Other Ten Percent 6/15/2012

Jun 15 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I’m just deciding this as I write up this post but I’m going to be taking most of next week off. It was already going to be a kind of weird schedule with me going out of town and recent events have meant that my social calendar is weirdly clear other than that trip and so I’m thinking that it’s time to take a short OTP focused hiatus. I’m going to be spending that time on you guys however doing three things. The first is finishing up the homepage redesign I started two weeks ago and then left hanging. The second is taking a hard look at my RSS reader so things look a little different when I come back in terms of content and the third is rethinking friday posts because this readlist stuff does not seem to be working. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I think demand is actually kinda low for this stuff since the barrier to entry is so low. Anyway I think Friday is going to stay experimental and off-format and I’ve got a few ideas what that will look like (I’m playing around with trying something like BoingBoing’s feature story format) but I’m leaving that part intentionally hazy. for now though I do have a read list for you

along with one good long video link.

String Theory: Circle of Life (Tribute to the Class of 2012)
This goes from a terrifying reminder that I’m getting old (Jesus Christ graduating seniors STARTED school in 1999) to an actually kinda brilliant bit to an utterly fantastic bit.

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Other Ten Percent 6/14/12

Jun 14 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I am officially declaring today to have been alright but not great in terms of productivity. I got a decent amount done but I’m not exactly rolling in successful projects. I mean I suppose I could do that if I considered doing my laundry a successful project and I wanted to ruin it but I don’t so…oh hey here are some links to distract you from how terribly that joke just failed. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 6/13/12

Jun 13 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I feel like today was kinda weird but I couldn’t tell you why. I mostly just hung out with Katherine and then did the usual dinner with Jane into TV Club jam. Still it felt like it was off message somehow as a day. I guess just because Katherine was in town and that is a New York thing and so I’m like “why am I on my New York shit in San Francisco?” …I dunno that’s the best theory I’ve got. Thankfully it isn’t the best content I’ve got because the internet actually kinda brought it today. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 6/12/12

Jun 12 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

As you may be aware I kinda go through phases in OTP and I feel like I’m entering the reorientation phase where I try to fix the feeling that I’ve said everything I have to say by finding new things to talk about. The specific version of that epiphany that struck me today is that I could not find more than 7 things I cared about in a day where I had a WHOLE LOT of things going on that I wanted to talk about and I suddenly realized that I sort of refused to talk about a lot of things on OTP for various reasons and I’d kind of like to stop that so lets spend some time discussing the things that actually interest me. So hey, here are some links that maybe aren’t all common in the canonized late period OTP format but that I want to actually discuss. Continue Reading »

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