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Other Ten Percent 5/16/2012

May 16 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Ugh, apologies but this is going to be a short one again. I am apparently playing through Diablo III as fast as I can to review it now and Blizzard has decided that my first 8 gig install didn’t count and I have to do it all over again so I’m already 4 hours behind and my internet connection is pretty much balls for anything but downloading Diablo III at 2 megs a second. So that’s all great. Welcome back to Other Ten Percent: your source for Diablo III news. Anyway, links.

Computer Experts: What’s a computer trick you think everyone should know?
I am ordinarily loathe to link to reddit outside of the occasional IAMA for various reasons I’ll go into on another day but this thread of handy tips actually contains handy tips for a LOT of the page and so here we are.

Golden Gate Bridge construction – and indignation
It is the most shocking thing ever that San Franciscans would endlessly complain about the Golden Gate bridge until you actually live here at which point it becomes totally obvious that that would have happened. Because of course they would. The man’s gotta have an angle on this “bridge” thing we just haven’t figured it out yet.

Kids Recreate Sabotage Music Video by Beastie Boys
Welp, we’ve found the world’s best children. Glad that’s settled at least.

Morning Fluff
I know that turning cute puppy videos into a sign of fantastic future events is pretty well insufferable but I’m telling you guys, “Why has no one strapped a GoPro to a [insert thing here] before this?” is the question that will define the next five years.

Fantastic time lapse map of Europe, 1000 – 2005 A.D.
History is weird you guys. That’s basically all I’ve got for you on this one but it’s true.

Can a kid be a psychopath?
Simultaneously the most fascinating and terrifying thing I’ve read probably all year.

MakerBot uncovers the miracle of 3D printed ‘bot making (video)
And this is what birthday parties look like in the year 2020. Well this but recorded from the point of view of last year’s crop of 3D printed robots that we’ve strapped some cameras to.

An algorithm to help you play the perfect game of Battleship
A news story about Battleship that is 10 times more entertaining than the movie.

TV Show Promo of the Day
Ugh. Fine JJ Abrams. Your use of a Vast song in this trailer has earned you one more pilot I’m going to watch before I just give up on your TV work entirely.

A bit of classic Feynman
Like Koerth-Baker I’ve somehow never seen young Feynman before. Turns out he’s almost as awesome as old Feynman.

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Other Ten Percent 5/15/2012

May 15 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Guys, if you never hear from me again I want you to know that I loved all of you in your own unique way and that I died as I lived: playing Diablo III so much that I forgot to eat and died. Probably though Nikki and the PCWorld crew will bug me to join their games enough that the worst won’t happen. Also I am sorry if that intro sentence freaked you out, it just occured to me that until you get to the punchline it is kind of terrifying but the alternative is that it isn’t funny at all instead of minorly funny to some people so it stays as it is. Also here are internet links. I’m getting this done before noon today which is always a good sign. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/14/12

May 14 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

This weekend was busy busy actually but, besides a lot of games coverage for PCWorld, this week should be relatively quiet. I hope that there isn’t some huge game I’m forgetting that’s going to drop and take a huge bite out of my week in general. That’d sure suck. Oh well, time to look at internet links instead of worrying about it. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/11/12

May 11 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Okay so today was a weird but productive day that seems to be leading into a weird but productive weekend. I’ve also been watching the 4th season of Eureka on Netflix which continues to be a charming if imperfect show. That’s…that’s really the sum total of my updates. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/10/12

May 10 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Guys I don’t know what it is but Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 has me watching each week despite not being very good. It’s my own personal 2 Broke Girls/Waterloo and I can’t figure out why I keep trying despite the fact that it’s just plain not a very good show. Hell, on the best day it’s a mediocre show with some good James Van Der Beek jokes. Anyway here are links from the internet that have NOTHING AT ALL to do with my opinion of that show. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/9/12

May 09 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Writing this one up relatively early today which makes me think that maybe things are going to be genuinely productive today. Of course what the heck do I know? Oh wait, I know that there are all these links on the internet that you guys might be interested in. Woooo the internet. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/8/12

May 08 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Since the dawn of mankind we have asked ourselves one question: what is even the deal with airline food? Anyway Monday this week was kinda boring in comparison to my weekend when I watched Avengers. Oh hey here are some links. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/7/12

May 07 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

So how do you guys think Joss Whedon is going to handle having Scrooge McDuck fuck off money? I’d say he’d use it to finance some projects but quite honestly I can’t imagine that he doesn’t have a few executives at his door begging him to take their blank checks this morning. I suppose this is my long way of saying I really liked the Avengers but, as I told Jane on Friday, if I hated the movie it would be maybe the single most shocking thing that ever happened to me. Also it is getting late so super duper lightning round on the links today. I’ll be putting a bit more effort into this tomorrow but weekend links always leave me vaugely unenthused. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/4/12

May 04 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Man, so, I’ve been shutting up about it MOSTLY because I’m not seeing it until Saturday night so I’m trying not to build up anticipation for myself but the Avengers is getting absurdly good reviews. Even the negative reviews are like “this is the best job anyone’s ever done of making one of those huge superhero movies that are terrible and everyone should be smart enough to hate like me.” (Oh A.O. Scott never change.) Sadly looking forward to the Avengers is kinda the best thing about my night because 30 Rock, Parks and Rec AND Community were all sort of terrible tonight. Pluse it’s 10:30 and I just remembered I need to get to sleep at 11 and not midnight tonight. Not my finest hour. So hey, let’s blaze through OTP for the last time this week and then try to do better next week. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 5/3/12

May 03 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Today was more productive than Monday or Tuesday but, strangely, also more boring. I ate a burger for lunch and that was sort of a highlight. That should give you an idea of how the rest of my day went. Oh look it’s the internet. Thank God. Continue Reading »

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