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Other Ten Percent 3/16/12

Mar 16 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! I hope you have a lot of green to wear because otherwise a lot of stupid people are going to pinch you! Normally Im all for holidays where you get super drunk but I dunno the whole thing just seems super boring to me. I think that’s mostly just because I always forget it and then people pinch me though. Sorry I’m babbling but I had a really unproductive day. I sorta feel like I can’t write a damn thing today for no discernable reason. Anyway let’s hope these links prove me wrong. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/15/12

Mar 15 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Man you know what I love? When the weather is shitty for like a week straight. If there’s one thing I miss about New York it’s the weather getting so terrible that I’m basically trapped in my room with no sunlight to speak of for a week straight or something so the most irritating part of my day is walking two blocks to get some food. Wait no that’s all a totally obvious lie. Let’s discuss links instead. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/14/12

Mar 14 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Well I’ve managed to actually write things for work today so that’s a step up but I’m still kinda cramming to hit 3,000 words a day lately and the result actually hasn’t been me writing much fiction thus far. It’s a bit quick to reassess my goals but I’m wondering if I need to break down my targets into like 1000 words of freelance, 1000 words of blogging for OTP and MVW and 1000 words of fiction or something. Anyway this is a topic that is NOT INTERESTING TO YOU. Instead lets discuss what’s really important to all of our lives: links on the internet. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/13/12

Mar 13 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Man so I got like NO sleep last night so forgive me if my grammar is even more atrocious than it usually is. I’m also watching the Jay-Z concert that’s going out live from SXSW as I write this but since he just passed up the second PERFECT opportunity to bring out Kanye I think I’m actually more excited about the technical achievement a bit more than about the concert proper. He also keeps psyching me out by putting on like D.A.N.C.E. and I’m like “is he going to do a mashup on stage with one of his older ja…oh no he was just playing that for 15 seconds as a transition.” But now I’m going to take a break from bitching about a free show from one of the biggest music artists on earth to give you guys some links. Feel free to complain about how they aren’t as good as my old links. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/12/12

Mar 12 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I’m going to try getting to the point a bit faster today. Not because I don’t love babbling at you guys. Clearly I do. I just worry that I’m artificially inflating my word count in OTP lately. I’ll still go on 300 word rants when I hit a story that I really think warrants it but I may just let the short entries actually be short. Now that I’ve said that prepare for this OTP to be like 3000 words long on its own somehow. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/9/12

Mar 09 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Hey! It’s another day where if you add up the day and the month then you get the year! I should come up with a word for that considering the amount of time I’ve wasted caring about it for no apparent reason. Speaking of things I care about for no apparent reason: I continue to feel bad that I’m falling behind on my word count this week. I really think I may end up staying home for at least most of the day tomorrow to try and be more productive than I’ve been writing from the press room at GDC all week. Plus I’m kinda getting burnt out on the talks here. The good news is at 5pm today I get to run along to play Quantum Conundrum, the new game from Kim Swift who helped create Portal. So that’s pretty exciting. Hopefully some of the stuff I’ve been writing this week will get posted on PCWorld soon which would also be exciting. Anyway, also exciting are all of the links today. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/8/12

Mar 08 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

Guys I am continuing to not hit my word count because I am too busy going to things that are super awesome except that I can’t actually find much of an angle on any of them for writing quickly throughout the day. UGH why can’t GDC speakers be stupider so there isn’t so much effort to put into thinking about them before I write about them for people. Also, full disclosure, the show floor opened today and so I spent a fair amount of time playing Diablo III and Johan Sebastian Joust. That MAY have eaten into my word count a little tiny bit. Anyway here we are as I write up an OTP quickly before running off to the Wild Rumpus party at 8pm to PARTY with the darlings of the indie gaming world. Which means getting drunk and talking nervously with nobody except Nikki and my friend. Nothing from me today, the only thing that’s gone up in the past 24 hours is a MVW asking for feedback on what I should write up next. No response. Oh hey, links are still happening. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/7/2012

Mar 07 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

GDC officially killed my word count for the day yesterday dropping me to just 2100 words. I’ve already gotten over 1000 down before even starting OTP today though and I don’t have TV club so I can make up for lost time this evening with a few more writing projects. I’m trying to keep the pressure on to keep writing but I’m not kicking myself too much since GDC eats up at least 4 hours of my day going to talks where I can’t really get any writing done. Going to GDC has been a worthwhile experience even before I get to all the GDC parties later in the week though. Even the bad talks (and UGH there were some bad talks today) usually have quite a few interesting take-aways not even just for game design. There was a Kickstarter talk written up by my friend Patrick over at Gamasutra that had advice that was just generally good for people trying to do a Kickstarter. Anyway let’s not talk about video games anymore. Or rather LET’S SING ABOUT THEM. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/6/12

Mar 06 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

I’m running around at GDC all week this week and listening to really fascinating developers say incredibly interesting things that I need to then turn into a 200 word blog post for people that do not give two shits about game development. It is actually pretty fun and I’m honestly not complaining but it’s kind of killing my word count for the day. The weirdest thing about GDC is that it kinda seems like Game Designer High School. There are six lecture periods and everybody just stands in the middle of the hall between classes for NO DAMN REASON to keep me from getting anywhere. The lunchroom even has tables that seat 8. I sat alone. It’s when I first noticed the high school analogy. It’s pretty uncanny but the guy at the head of the cool kids table is this guy. Anyway, let’s talk about NOT games. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 3/5/2012

Mar 05 2012 Published by under Daily Posts

So I miss writing these up and then posting them at midnight so I’m going to try doing that again. Hopefully you’ll still have a spot reserved in you schedule early in the morning for reading OTP. If you don’t and want this to keep happening in the afternoon then feel free to let me know. Meanwhile I have some gifs for all of you and I hope that you enjoy them. Because if you don’t I will cry. Not really, it was just super difficult to find 10 links this weekend. Continue Reading »

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