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Other Ten Percent 12/12/11

Dec 12 2011 Published by under Daily Posts

I feel like OTP withers and dies when I start doing the whole thing as a kind of rote exercise. Then it’s not so much about writing as it is about filling in the blanks. Follow me down into the real entry where I’ll give you guys an example and then just talk about something else. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 12/9/11

Dec 09 2011 Published by under Daily Posts

So today I don’t even have a link to connect my bullshit theorizing to the internet. Let’s see how that plays out in practice. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 12/8/11

Dec 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Down to the Wire. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 12/7/11

Dec 07 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

So in today’s entry I will examine the only link you guys really need for the day. It’s a review of a TV show that you’re probably not watching anymore if you listen to my opinions on TV. Don’t worry you guys, I know that none of you listen to my opinions on TV. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 12/6/11

Dec 06 2011 Published by under Daily Posts

And now, we see what I can write about one single link in 25 minutes during my lunch break:
Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 12/5/11

Dec 05 2011 Published by under Gift Guide

Oh hey there. You look surprised to see me. The original Other Ten Percent is dead now but I think I need to be writing something in here every day so let’s see what happens. Today I’m going to give you guys a hot tip and then list books I’d like to buy. Also, these just get posted when they’re done now.

—————–Sites You Need———————
I’m assuming that most of you guys have been moving over to getting your own jump on what the internet has to say for…honestly let’s say the last year. In cas your RSS reader didn’t bring this up yet the Letters of Note guy now has Lists of Note. It does what you’d imagine.

—————–Book List————————-
Here now is a list of books that I would like to read. Many of them are taken from BoingBoing’s ridiculously long and great holiday gift guide. All of them (with one exception) are available as an eBook because I’m well and truly sick of most physical stuff. I’ve stopped buying physical comics and I’m thinking of starting a blog called Minimum Viable Wardrobe that’s about actually having LESS clothing to wear and looking better for it. Anyway, books.

The Art of Deception/The Art of Intrusion
Did you know that Reddit has a whole social engineering sub-forum? I didn’t until I hit a BoingBoing link to a Reddit post about brain hacks that then linked to it and I still can’t say I’ve thoroughly explored (because man do I ever waste enough time online without Reddit’s help) but I did stay long enough to find these two books, written by a hacker, that come highly recommended. If you have even a minor interest in tricking people and weird neurological effects that can be taken advantage of I’d recommend them. They’re also super cheap on Kindle.

A book on how narrative can effect decision making. Doctorow liked it but said it was too dense. To be honest I’m just far enough out from my grad degree that I kinda miss academic reading. I’m sure that’ll die by the end of this. Skipped it earlier this year because it wasn’t out for Kindle yet. Getting it now.

Cancel Cable
Manifesto about downloading all your video and getting rid of your cable. To be honest I probably don’t need this one but it’s super cheap and it might contain some tips I remain unaware of.

The Nerdist Way
I’ve heard surprisingly strong reviews of this considering it’s a self-help book buy a guy whose main claim to fame is a comedy podcast written with slightly too much of a niche for my taste I was going to pass but after the 5th good review I got curious.

Inquisitor’s Apprentice
Harry Potter meets early 20th century labor history. Which is one of the more promising pitches in the form of “Harry Potter meets x” I’ve hard of.

The Price of Everything
More fun with cognitive blindspots. This time with extra capitalism.

Machine of Death
Ashamed to say I haven’t read it yet. I know it’s even available free now (and Nikki has a copy) but still.

Poke the Box
Super cheap productivity manifesto. Might as well try it.

40 Days That Shook the World
Of the OWS books this one looks like the one that might actually features some actual reporting with its polemic.

The Filter Bubble
If I’m going to be a tech journalist I feel like I should read more interesting tech journalism.

That is All
John Hodgman has written our one non-Kindle book for the list but who am I fooling I’m reading this.

Apparently this is the first intelligent “Robots kill us all” book in like 30 years. I’m in.

I’m kind of interested in writing a more skeptical account. The trained biologists I know (it is weird that that is plural despite not trying to meet any) all seem really skeptical about this stuff. I’d still like to read what the movement’s boosters have to say though.

The Children of the Sky
Verner Venge writes a novel about bootstrapping a colony from the iron age past the singularity in less than a century. Sounds entertaining.

Neal Stephenson writes pretty much anything and I’m interested but this one is apparently about gold farming before it goes batshit insane as all Stephenson books do. Highlights include a 200 page gun battle.

A book of Cory Doctorow essays. Available for free.

———–Final Link———–
I won’t have ten of these a day anymore but I want to highlight Mixtapes in Collision since it’s already a super BoingBoing day. It’s one of those weird super-designed BoingBoing posts so I’m already predisposed to like it but it’s also made me realize that I just generally think more mixtapes need a storyline. Given the effort spent making them it doesn’t seem like a lot more work and it ups my enjoyment a fair bit. Can’t speak too much about the quality of the mix itself. Maybe I just hit the random aspect of it wrong but I got bored quick.

This post took too long. Need to figure out a way to make these go quicker if it’s going to be sustainable. This took about 40 minutes for 864 words which isn’t a terrible average. Maybe it’s just too long for a daily OTP if I’m getting other work done?

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