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Other Ten Percent 11/8/11

Nov 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

So, as soon as I wrote the last OTP I figured out that I didn’t really want to do that anymore. If I’m writing things that are 1000 words long I’d like that to lead somewhere that OTP just doesn’t seem to be leading anymore. So NEW FORMAT AGAIN. This time the idea is that these things should be half formed ideas that should take me no more than 15 minutes to write up. This means they’ll be coming at an irregular pace and appear in the afternoons sometimes but they should be coming a little bit more frequently than the old OTP format. Today’s entry is actually about the direction I think OTP should be headed in. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 11/1/11

Nov 01 2011 Published by under Daily Posts

So we’re maybe going back to daily because habits are more important than output. On a related note declarative statements are more important than research. Abrupt breaks are more important than transitions. Continue Reading »

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