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Other Ten Percent 4/16/10

Apr 16 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Man, so I was so busy from last night to about 5pm today that I screwed up the date on the newsletter and didn’t check the internet at all until I got home this evening and found that…nothing had happened. Seriously, what the hell? Did the entire internet leave their taxes till the last minute? So anyway let’s start off with one of the videos I used in my lecture today just to get to 10 items. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 4/15/10

Apr 15 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Blarg. I am giving a lecture for a class this morning and I am teeeeense. Also since I’m actually writing this the night before I’ve still got some work to do on it so forgive me if this is somewhat rushed. Continue Reading »

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Other Ten Percent 4/14/10

Apr 14 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

I feel like I had some internet news for all of you that wasn’t going to be an official link but I now have absolutely no sense of what it was. Unless it was the new Robyn single on her website which I feel like it wasn’t. Oh right, Joss Whedon is directing the Avengers movie probably. For jokes about this feel free to look everywhere else on the internet. Anyway, time for some Fresh New Internets (which is, for serious, my new band name).

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Other Ten Percent 4/13/10

Apr 13 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

It is tuesday guys! I have no real reason to be excited about that. I just thought you should know. Can you tell I don’t have much to say today? Did you see through my clever ruse? Let’s get to the links then.

*Animals* *Criticism*
Animal Review Combines Insult Comedy, Fun Zoology Facts
Any blog that understands that pandas are terrible is alright with me. God pandas, I don’t know how you fooled so many people for so long but your reign of terror is finally coming to an end.

*Art* *Boredom*
25 Photorealistic Pictures Drawn With a Bic Pen
Despite what the url may lead you to believe Pandas cannot draw photorealistic pictures with bic pens. In fact, pandas cannot draw at all. And bored pandas are even worse. Stay tuned for non-panda related entries.

*Lighting* *Architecture*
Pulse Room
I totally want to set this up and/or figure out some way to use it as a plot device in a horror movie.

*Star Wars* *Cleanliness*
Han Solo Carbonite Soap
I was going to make a joke about it being perfect to use with your Jabba the Hut Sponge but then I went to check if that really exists and depressed myself when it turned out it didn’t. So in conclusion, I’m weird.

*Burial Practices* *New York*
Scouting a Crypt
I told myself I was going to skip the new Scouting NY post no matter what it was but look at those pictures!

*Interior Design* *Architecture*
Art Deco Skyscraper Desk
This is like the third thing this week that is insanely awesome and I desperately want to buy that Lisa Katayama has posted to BoingBoing just so she could be all “pffft whatever it’s not that great.” First of all YES IT IS. Second of all why are you posting it to BoingBoing then? It is a directory of wonderful things IT SAYS SO RIGHT THERE AT THE TOP OF THE WEBSITE if you do not think it’s wonderful you should not post it.

*Art* *History*
Early Computer Art
Early computer art pieces, like early computers, are really not that impressive but still looks super cool and space-agey.

*Genetics* *Human Nature*
A Genetic Disorder That Removes Racial Bias
Man I’m really hoping this is just some super bad science because otherwise this is really fucking with my head on a lot of different levels.

*Literature* *Cartography*
Maps on the Back of Detective Novels
Map Backs: illustrations on the backs of mystery novels that displayed important locations from the mystery. Did you know that was a thing? Did you know it was enough of a thing for there to be over 500 of them archived online. History is awesome.

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Other Ten Percent 4/12/10

Apr 12 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Hey guys it’s Woefully Late Movie Review Monday: Hot Tub Time Machine was really enjoyable. I was expecting the premise to run out of steam about halfway through the movie but nope. I mean it’s not going to sweep the Oscars or anything but still, worth seeing. You know what else is worth seeing? LINKS FROM THE INTERNET.

*Space* *Architecture*
The Moonbases We Should Have Been Living in by Now
I wake up every morning disappointed that I’m not living on the moon. Of course if I had to live in modular 70’s housing to do it I’d probably get bored really fast. But still, MOON.

*Comics* *Maps*
Great Maps of Comicbookland
Yay for maps of fictional places. Fictional places from comics no less.

*New York* *Architecture*
Evil Birds, Ghost Ads, Forgotten Alleys
I will stop posting every single Scouting NY entry soon, I swear.

*Art* *Science Fiction*
Concept Art World
Mostly because I’ll be posting every single entry from here instead.

*History* *Authors*
Poets Ranked By Beard Weight
Finally science has begun tackling the important questions.

*Science* *Juggalos*
Learn F***in’ Science With the Insane Clown Posse
You should totally watch their video for Miracles for context first. The original video is already the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

*Fashion* *Asia*
The 30 Most Insane Looks at China Fashion Week
It’s like seeing the next three years of Lady Gaga’s life flash before your eyes.

*Photography* *History*
Brutalism at Giza and the Iron Room Beneath the Pyramids
Does that not sound like the title to the best pulp adventure novel you’ve never read? Well even as just a gallery of old photos from the pyramids it’s still awesome.

*Publishing* *Graphic Design*
ASB Cover Gallery
Is it just me or are old book covers always, even when they’re kind of objectively terrible, super awesome?

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid teaches you about cats.

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Other Ten Percent 4/9/10

Apr 09 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Well I just had an expert in the field I’m researching e-mail me back and tell me that the research I’m doing can really only be done in a really time consuming way and that a lot of the numbers being thrown around are probably made up, so I feel less bad about my failure to find definitive numbers in two days. Now I just have writing to feel guilty about. YAY GUILT! ALSO YAY INTERNET!

*Japan* *Monsters*
Kaikaidan Ektoba Monster Scroll
Why does Japan have so many testicle related monsters? Even for Japan that seems bizarre to me.

*Video Games* *Videos*
I am betting that you’ve already seen this linked somewhere yesterday since it was all over the freaking place, but still.

*Graphic Design* *Danger*
I just like all of these basically. I think my favorites are the pair of “don’t drive your tractor over your infant or small child” graphics on the end of the 8th row.

*Food* *Science*
Seven Disruptive Foods Changing the Way We Eat

“Nuke Powered, Nanotechnology Delivered Calories” !!!!!!!!!!!

*Design* *Zepplins*
The Aircruise Concept by Seymour Powell
Ahhh airships that will never be built, I love you all. I think my favorite concept pictures are actually the interiors that they show here. Concept art AND Zepplins, my lucky day.

*History* *The Occult*
Aleister Crowley in Life
Here is a brief Biography: he was crazy-go-nuts.

*Fashion* *New York*
Aliens Have Landed at Bergdorf
I cheered up three separate people today with this photo. One person I just described it to and they were STILL cheered up.

*Animals* *AHHHHHHHHHH!*
Embryonic Bat Skeleton
It is just as creepy as it sounds! Also it would be a really good name for a death metal band. JUST SAYIN

*Maps* *History*
Lost Landscapes of Google Maps
Old-timey photo mashup for Google Maps! Yay!

*Microbes* *Japan*
Japanese People Have Special Seaweed-Digesting Bacteria in their Guts
The Japanese are different, science has proved it.

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Other Ten Percent 4/8/10

Apr 08 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

I guess I just forgot how hard time management can be when you actually have to manage your time or something over spring break but I feel like I’m constantly behind on SOMETHING this week. Io9 research assignment is not really helping matters too much. Anyway enough bitching, more internet. There was A LOT of internet today, I actually had to end up cutting 2 items and making them TWITTER EXCLUSIVE ENTRIES (shameless plug shameless plug) which I may I may continue to do in the future on busy days.

*Subways* *Maps*
Subways to, or at Least Near, the Seas
I love fictional subways so much. I think maybe I was a fictional subway designer in my previous life or something.

*Star Wars* *Comedy Gold*
Info-graphic of Underachieving AT-ATs is Hilarious
Though I see no problem whatsoever with the life choices of the SpAT-AT.

*Film* *Galleries*
The End
A Flickr Pool of the end titles from films.

*Games* *Bad Arguments*
Evolutionary Psychology Bingo
Most accurate free space in Bingo ever.

*Chemistry* *Baking*
Hydrogen Orbital Cookies
In the future all science will be delicious.

*Architecture* *Art*
Space Invading Buildings
If you can get past the fact that this has nothing to do with Space Invaders it’s still pretty awesome.

*Interior Design* *New York*
The Craziest Apartment in Manhattan
I love that this gallery has a photo of her bottle of Dan Akroyd Crystal Head Vodka like it’s the most insane thing they’ve ever seen. It makes me feel so awesome for having owned TWO bottles of it. Also the apartment itself is pretty rad outside of my self-aggrandizement.

*First Contact* *Infographics*
What to do if You’re the First Human to Ever Make Contact with Aliens
First things first, hold the fuck still. I want this as a set with the Dinosaur Comics print about what to do if you’re accidentally sent back in time.

*DIY Tech* *Interior Design*
Homebrew Interactive Stair Lighting
I cannot explain how much trouble this would save me on a day to day basis with a roommate who insists on turning off the light on the stairs to save the environment WHEN YOU ARE ON THEM.

*Games* *Russia*
Russian Board Games From the 1920’s and 1930’s
Well these are certainly…violent…grizzly really. Does Candyland look like this to everybody else?

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Other Ten Percent 4/7/10

Apr 07 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

3 Pages. That’s all I wrote today. I am a terribad. Almost as bad as this douche who just sat down next to me in the library and started eating horrible smelling indian food and burping constantly. In a library. I am blaming him for all of my problems today including all the work I didn’t do for 12 hours before he came into my life. LINKS!

*Interior Design* *Animals*
Ms. Ward Wallpaper
Oh man I want to have kids just so I can warp their minds with this. I love this stuff.

*Art* *Apple*
Totally awesome iPhone and iPad wallpapers by awesome designers.

*History* *Museums*
The Wunderkammer Through History
Maybe the best potential album name Other 10% has seen so far.

*New York* *Architecture*
A Secret Courtyard Just Blocks from Times Square
I want to live here so badly. When I am an eccentric millionaire I will unironically buy this place.

*Whedon* *Video Games*
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Game
Insanely dedicated fan works rule.

*Robots* *DIY Tech*
Featured Maker: Aaron Ristau
I know what these are not actually tripods but these are still what I imagine the Martian tripods from War of the Worlds look like.

*Chemistry* *Warfare*
Chemists Convert Cotton T-Shirts to Military Grade Body Armor
There is absolutely nothing about this chemical reaction that isn’t pure awesome. It is so awesome it turns the white t-shirts black just so you’ll be sure to look bad-ass.

*History* *Tragedy*
To All Pollicle Dogs and Jellicle Cats
Oh man screw going back in time to kill Hitler, by stopping the drafting of a single note you can prevent the creation of the musical Cats.

*Lego* *Architecture*
Lego Minifig-Scale Fallingwater
Exhaustively researched lego recreation of a Frank Lloyd Wright house. AWESOME.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid will never get a girlfriend.

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Other Ten Percent 4/6/10

Apr 06 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

I am bad again. I am not writing enough. I feel ashamed. I am starting all my sentences with I. I want more feedback on the twitter feed. I’m going to start doing links now.

*Biology* *Videos*
The Axolotl Song
I heart Axolotls so much so I may be slightly biased but I think this could be THE GREATEST SONG IN ALL OF HISTORY.

*Medicine* *History*
The Quack Doctor
A blog of the text from the packaging on folk remedies from the 19th century!

*Literature* *History*
All You Speak of is Real to Me
Oh man, how awesome would it be to go home from telling off your lit teacher about your favorite author to write a note about it TO your favorite author and then to have them write back? That was like my smart-ass dream when I was younger.

*Meteorology* *Design*
Ice Cream Climatology
Most delicious design fiction ever.

*Infographics* *New York*
NYC Taxi Flow Infoviz
It’s the city’s own freaky circulatory system.

*Fashion* *Computers*
Circuit Pumps
Finally we have found them. The most uncomfortable shoes in the universe that somebody still might wear.

*Concept Art* *Time Travel*
Go Back to the Future With Original Hoverboard and Delorean Concept Art
80s product design was so fantastic. The only thing better was 80’s futurist product design.

*Japan* *History*
War Prints of Kobayashi Kiyochika
God these are all gorgeous. Stop reading this and go look at these.

*Steampunk* *Art*
World’s Biggest Scrap Metal Sculpture is a Steampunk Wonderland
The picture BoingBoing picked really does not do the linked gallery justice.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex finds the apex of personal branding. Everybody else might as well just stop now.

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Other Ten Percent 4/5/10

Apr 05 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Man, I did not get enough writing done this weekend. Just this and my io9 column. Yesterday I had a party to go to and then I came home and watched the new Doctor Who like 5 times. (So good! Download it and watch it even if you aren’t caught up, it’s a time travel show you can watch it atemporally) Then today it was all rainy and terrible and so I got nothing done. Hopefully I’ll write at least a bit more Dorothy Parker before I go to sleep. Oh! Tomorrow (meaning today, Monday) I will start using the other ten percent twitter feed at it should just be a selection of stuff from the day’s edition but still, tell your friends and the evil twins of your enemies.

*Math* *Art*
Exploded Propellorized Truncated Wooden Icosahedron
Man that is my new band name just to torture any poor fool that books me.

*Architecture* *Computers*
Digital Analog
Man, when I am an eccentric millionaire I am totally setting this thing up in people’s living rooms randomly to screw with them.

*Science* *Biology*
Human Bones Successfully Grown in the Lab
Am I the only one who can’t decide if I should be thrilled or terrified by this?

*Lovecraft* *Video*
The Whisper of Darkness Trailer
A black and white film version of a Lovecraft story where they even set the production of it in the 30’s. I love it.

*Design* *Music Videos*
178 Matchbox Designs for Navigators Video
Okay so the matchbooks themselves are awesome and the video reminds me of a low-fi version of the Justice DVNO video.

*Architecture* *Virtual Reality*
Optical Spelunking
Everyone should refer to me as an Optical Spelunker from now on, unless it is a situation where somebody might mistake that for something dirty and I would be embarrassed.

*Subways* *Gallery*
The Great Subways of the World are Freaking Gorgeous
Accurate headline is accurate.

*Videos* *Puppets*
The Muppets: Stand By Me
God how are all these Muppet videos so awesome lately?

*Infographics* *Radio*
This American Infographic
Caitlin linked me to this originally and then it kinda got lost in the shuffle for a few days. Hopefully this still isn’t old internet news. Infographics for (eventually) every This American Life episode!

*Interior Design* *Japan*

Almost Genius a Carpet that Transforms into Furniture
Of course this is from Japan. Of course on several levels.

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