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Other Ten Percent 3/31/10

Mar 31 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

What is wrong with me that I am a more productive person during spring break than I am during weeks when I actually have classes and stuff? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Also I have finished my biography of Edgar Allen Poe and I am prepared to do comics writing for script frenzy. Let April begin…so that I can immediately be side-tracked by a convention and a birthday party this weekend.

*Writers* *History*
Poe and Babbage
I’d like to take this time to thank Bruce Sterling for totally one-uping me on awesome Babbage facts. Also this was not in my biography that I finished today. WHY NOT BIOGRAPHER? Oh wait this was in his piece about the chess playing automoton fakes? Okay so this was in the Biography but not nearly enough attention was paid to how awesome it was.

*Fashion* *Violence*
Gentleman’s Bulletproof Pocket Square
I have little or no faith that this would actually stop a bullet but the mere chance that I could escape death via pocket square makes me want to buy twelve.

*Science* *Booze*
Science of Cocktail Shaker Vacuum
I will take any opportunity to use the booze and science tags together and Maggie Koerth-Baker ruthlessly exploits this fact.

*Archeology* *Religion*
Ancient doorway to Afterlife Discovered in Egypt
Best title to most disappointing article. This thing doesn’t open a door to the afterlife at all. It doesn’t even kill people.

*Movies* *Trains*
The Good, The Bad, The Weird
I am so happy that this movie exists.

*Religion* *Television*
I’m Not the Messiah, Says Food Activist – But His Many Worshippers do not Believe Him
With all the crazy prophecies out there you gotta figure we’ll trigger a few of them on total accident. But man did this guy totally lose the crazy raffle on this one.

*Architecture* *History*
Events in the Landscape and Their Acoustic Shadows
I’m fairly convinced at this point BLDGBlog could just start posting John Hodgman-esque lies and I would never notice. I mean, reports of Civil War battles that can only be heard at a distance due to odd geographical and meteorological qualities? CRAZY!

*Robots* * Expletives*
Four Letter Words Robot Plays Word Association, Swears Quite a Bit
I’m glad to see that after helping robots to find religion yesterday we’re also teaching them proper immorality as well.

*Space* *Video Games*
Heat Maps Reveal Pac-Man in the Moon
The one moon conspiracy we never saw coming.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid practices law, emphasis on the “practices.”

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Other Ten Percent 3/30/10

Mar 30 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

I spent most of the afternoon doing something that’s press embargoed and now that this is actually going out on the internet I have to be “that guy” and not tell you what it is until tomorrow. It really isn’t that impressive or anything, I’m just afraid of breaking rules. Anyway that took up a lot of my day along with outlining my lecture for the Aesthetics class. It’s about the aesthetics of sound so unfortunately my dream of doing a lecture entirely with lolcats is as of yet unfulfilled. Anyway, here are links.

*Governance* *The Internet*
Repeal the _ Amendment!—-amendm.html
As mentioned in the comments, I love that nobody has a problem with the ninth amendment. Somebody’s gotta be against granting the people all rights not specifically enumerated in the constitution. Oh well, why repeal it when you can just pay no attention to it I guess.

*Architecture* *Dead People*
Quick Links 9
Man, every single part of the story about the African American burial ground under a train depot in Queens is crazy-go-nuts.

*History* *Alcohol*
English Drunkards of the Early 20th Century
Best name for a saturday morning cartoon ever?

*Architecture* *New York*
Inside the Clocktower
My esoteric fascination with buildings that used to be the tallest building in New York but now are barely in the running continues.

*Literature* *Mild Insanity*

Winner Announced for World’s Oddest Book Title Award
All the top contenders would great make band names. But the winner, Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes sounds like a lost Neutral Milk Hotel album.

*New York* *Homelessness*
In Times Square, One Last Homeless Holdout
I am torn between wanting this guy to receive proper professional care and thinking that he is incredibly awesome.

*Politics* *Awesome*
Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things
This year’s best meme mutation yet.

*Robots* *Religion*
Video of Robot Passover Seder
Can someone more religiously minded than me tell me what this implies about the likelihood of the robot revolution?

*Video Games* *Art*
Impressive Work: Mario And Peach Sculpture In The Style of Michelangelo’s ‘La Pietà‘
Oh man this thing is pure comedy gold, and also maybe the saddest Mario fan work I’ve ever seen.

Webcomics Roundup
Over in Dinosaur Comics, Utahraptor incurs God’s wrath, such as it is.

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Other Ten Percent 3/29/10

Mar 29 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Today is the day guys. Today I am switching over to doing this thing via the mailing list manager and mirroring it to WordPress. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR MINOR FORMATTING DIFFERENCES. From now on posts are going to be mirrored to and if you want to sign anybody up to the newsletter just have them fill out the form over there. Things are still kinda in beta so bitch at me if anything isn’t working right and I’ll see if I can fix it. Also on the Self-Aggrandizement Monday front I think I’ve landed myself a weekly column over at io9. In fact, I’m proud enough of it to make it an actual honest to God link.

*History* *Computers*
Great Moments in Alternate History: Charles Babbage
I swear the next thing I write for them will have nothing to do with Steampunk. I’m thinking alternate history Shakespeare next week.

*Scott Pilgrim* *Video Games*
Gallery: First Images, Details of Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim Game
So amoung the many reasons I’m jealous of Chris and Kelly going to PAX East last weekend is that they got to see all this stuff before me. I don’t know if they cared enough to see it before I did BUT THE POSSIBILITY WAS THERE. Also, music by Anamanaguchi and images by  Paul Robertson (NSFW pixels). Game’s going to rule.

*Race* *History*
Who’s White?
No that is not a terrible Michael Jackson parody song. It is a really interesting review of a really interesting book on the history and construction of race!

*Animals* *Food*
Puppies Eating Ice Cream
Guys it is kinda unfair how adorable this is.

*History* *Architecture*
UCLA Students Recreate World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
I have no idea when I became so obsessed with World’s Fairs but man I love them so very much.

*Art* *Architecture*
Daniel Liebskind’s New Theater Opens, Offers Hope to Cash Strapped Dublin
It was kind of a slow news weekend so here are some pictures of an awesome looking building.

*Trees* *Are Weird*
How Plants Secretly Control the Food Chain
Okay so TECHNICALLY this is about milkweed and not trees. But it’s still weird and awesome though.

*History* *Computers*
An Actual Turing Machine
Hey guys, if Alan Turring and Charles Babbage got into a fight who would win? These are the questions I ask myself as I look at the internet.

*Art* *The Future*
MoMA: The Rising Current
Sustainable urban planning as art.

*Film* *Children*
My Story About the Film Monster House
So did you know that the creator of the new NBC comedy Community, Dan Harmon, was also the screen writer of the movie Monster House? Do you like him a little bit less now? Well read this and you’ll like him a lot more. It’s a letter he wrote to a child terrified by the film.

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Other Ten Percent 3/12/10

Mar 12 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Good morning everyone. I have a busy day ahead of me so I’m knocking this out early. Or at least that is my DEVIOUS PLAN. Let’s see how well it works. SPOILER ALERT: It worked really well.

*Video Games* *Music*
NES Harmonicas Hit eBay, Three Lucky Gamers Cheer
I kinda want to go to an 8-bit show with one of these and call out the worst guy at the show with it.

*Architecture* *Sustainability*
Self-Sufficient Underwater Skyscraper Harvests Renewable Energy to Grow its Own Food
It is shocking how much I want to live in the ocean considering how much I don’t really like the beach.

*Bears* *Video*
Exhausting the Entire Problem Space of Animated Teddy-Bears, Cars, People and Pidgeons
Most accurate title ever.

*Cars* *History*
EV Grey and the “Fuelless Engine” Fascination Car
I for one am very fascinated.

*Design* *Science*
This Tablecloth Wants you to Spill Things on it
Why they are not marketing this to every family with kids on earth I will never know…unless it has to be wine in which case okay that kinda makes sense.

*Infographics* *History*
Chart Showing the Ratio of Church Accommodation
Infographics really sucked to make in the past.

*Animation* *Video*
The Light of Life
Is pretty.

*Science* *History*
Vintage Popsci: Volcano Bombs, Yubiwaza & More
We should bomb Japan’s volcanoes to explode the nation FROM UNDERGROUND. Oh Popular Science: where popular means “bad.”

*Audio* *Science Fiction*
Listen to Radium Age Science Fiction Classics
I am a sucker for basically anything with a Theramin.

Webcomics Roundup
Drawn has a little bit on The Realist, which is a really great comic.

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Other Ten Percent 3/11/10

Mar 11 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

What up home-dog-slice? Which is a real thing…that people say. So Corey Haim died. I honestly have nothing else to say about that. Lost Boys was a pretty good movie though. Hey look there are links!

*Japan* *Severed Heads*
Tokyo Terror: Severed Samurai Head in Otemachi
“The samurai failed to become ruler of Japan, but his severed head has remained a persistent source of trouble for over 1,000 years.” Oh my God Japan I love you so much.

*Retro-Futurism* *Print*
Omni Magazine Scans
Man I totally forgot this magazine existed. But the late seventies version of the future was even crazier than the sixties version so I’m so happy that somebody bothered to scan this stuff.

*Science* *Large Words*
“Negatively Strange” Antihypermatter Made out of Gold
I’d say this should be a band or album name but no band or album could ever possibly live up to it.

*Steampunk* *Comics*
Molly Crabapple’s New Comic About Cyborgs in 18th Century France
As Dr. Who has taught us robots + Versailles = awesome.

*Animals* *Facial Hair*
Dog Stache
Nothing more needs to be said.

*Agriculture* *Ruined Cities*
Turn a Quarter of Detriot into “Semi-Rural” Farms?
I actually cannot imagine why we are not just doing every crazy ass thing in Detroit that anybody suggests. It’s not like anybody else is using it.

*Art* *Television*
Lost Fan Will Create 365 Pieces of Art for Each Day of the Year
This and the 365 Bear project need to fight!

*True Love* *NBC Thursday Night Comedy*
Man Marries Body Pillow Girlfriend in Korea
It’s not just for one off jokes in 30 Rock anymore.

*Toys* *Television*
The Mad Men Get Barbie Treatment
It says something about Christina Hendricks that I don’t think Barbie’s proportions are ridiculous enough to pull off Joan.

*History* *Film*
Art of Film Title Sequences
There really is a blog for everything.

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Other Ten Percent 3/1/2010

Mar 08 2010 Published by under Daily Posts

Man, I have been TIRED all weekend. I do not know what that is about either. Am I maybe fighting crime in my sleep leaving me tired during the day? Possibly. Also I am maybe just getting over this cold I got like 2 and a half weeks ago. Also maybe I am just lazy. Here’s internet. [EDITOR’S NOTE: As I am sending this at 1am since I can’t sleep tonight my roommate has just gotten home and has begun humming to himself for no reason. Serial. Killer.]

*Computers* *Film Criticism*
Hello This is Me Speaking – Roger Ebert
Man, as Roger Ebert gets closer and closer to death I realize more and more how awesome he is. This is not a causal relationship that makes me feel very good about myself.

*Spam* *Art*
Turning Spam into Art
Technically these are sort of infographics. But they’re infographics of utterly useless information. And if that isn’t art I don’t know what is.

*Miniatures* *Obsessions*
Model of Herod’s Temple Continue’s to Grow After 30 Years
He has spent 33,000 hours on this project. That is…that is a lot of time.

*Space* *Wikipedia*
Wikipedia List of Every Landing Mankind Has Ever Made on Other Planetary Bodies
Wikipedia really needs a concise list of all the bizarre crap you’d never expect to find on Wikipedia. Oh wait, they have one.

*Video Games* *Perspective*
I am sorry guys. This is too in Japanese to know what it is actually called. HOWEVER. I can describe it to you. It uses facial recognition to see what angle you’re looking at it from and then moves the perspective around correspondingly so it looks like you’re looking into an extra-dimensional box that the DS screens are just a window into…you know what just watch the video at the link.

*History* *Journalism*
On the Hunter: Seperating Fact from Fiction in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”
You know, the utter impossibility of this mixed with it’s vague pointlessness is exactly why I love it.

*Projection Mapping* *Art*
Augmented Sculpture
I realize we’ve added some new people since the last time my obsession with projection mapping came up. This is an especially awesome example of it however.

*Film* *Board Games*
5 (Imaginary) Movies About Your Favorite Childhood Games
I would watch all of these. Every single one of them. Which is ironic since I doubt I will see any of the board game movies that are ACTUALLY going to get made.

*Art* *Space*
Robert McCall
So Robert McCall died. You do not have any idea who Robert McCall is. Except probably you do, you just didn’t know that you do. Robert McCall did concept art for the space age that was really influential to NASA and he also did the concept art for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

*Computers* *Art*
Mouse Usage Visualization
I thought I’d already posted something like this for a second but according to my gMail searches of old Other Ten Percents that was either just my imagination or I never used the word “mouse” to describe it. FUN FACT: The only other time I seemed to have used mouse was a post last september called “Charles Bukowski Hated Mickey Mouse SO MUCH.”

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