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Other Ten Percent Year End Music Guide

Dec 26 2012 Published by under Experiments

Not going to lie you guys, I’m not sure if its that I’m tired and my apartment is cold or if I just want to play with my presents or what but I’m not really feeling this list all that much at the moment. It might also be that the whole idea of year end top ten lists feels weirdly antithetical to OTP at this point. This blog isn’t really me foisting my opinions on you so much as it is me slowly and subtly shaping the way you process all of reality by picking the things that you should pay attention to. Totally different goals. At the same time I kinda think there’s been enough good music this year that throwing some albums at you is somewhat necessary. I mean seriously, we are living in a rap golden age right now and I kinda think the Kendrick Lamar album everybody’s pointing to when they say that doesn’t even make my top five rap albums of the year. So here, in no particular order, are 9 albums I think you really need to have listened to by the end of the year and another list of top albums you can take a look at if you hate my opinions. Continue Reading »

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The Bechdel Test and Games

Jul 20 2012 Published by under Experiments

So I got to thinking about video games and feminism and decided to make this week’s coding project about it. There are a lot of words so I made it so you didn’t have to read all of them if you didn’t want to.

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Other Ten Percent Calendar Update

Jul 13 2012 Published by under Experiments

So I’ve made some changes to the OTP summer social calendar. I’ve added some fancy CSS animation tricks with varying degrees of success but mostly what’s notable is that I’ve added events for august along with a few more events for the remainder of July. Take a look around and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

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Other Ten Percent Buffy Episode Guide

Jul 06 2012 Published by under Experiments

As with last week’s experiment I’m not totally happy with the visuals on this one but it’s at least pretty functional…if you’ve never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer before. I’ve been kicking around my shortened playlist of Whedon’s first show for years and now I’ve got a quick overview of the series for you available in a quick expurgated format, my suggested viewing order, and the complete series in case you want to know what episodes I’m having people skip so you can tell me I’m wrong.

That’s all available right here.

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